Keto products at Albert Heijn

Jul, 16, 2021

Albert Heijn is the most famous supermarket chain in the Netherlands: here’s the essential keto-friendly products you’ll find here.

Discover also the keto-friendly snacks at AH To-Go.

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Let’s dive in and talk about the keto-friendly products in Albert Heijn. If you are interested in a more general list of groceries, read my grocery list for the keto diet.


Albert Heijn has all the vegetables you need. Also, it has many smart veggies, like:

Koolraap (rutabaga) in tagliatelle and in fries shape
Cauliflower rice, ready to cook (and they sell it even frozen, from the brand Bonduelle)
Pumpkin slices is wonderful for preparing keto-lasagna

Read more about Smart Veggies in the Netherlands.

Remember that AH seeks also the pumpkin purée useful for cooking keto things in the pumpkin spice season!

Fish, meat, eggs

Unpopular opinion (or maybe not?). Supermarkets in the Netherlands are not the best regarding fresh fish and meat.

In the biggest AH, such as the XXL, you will find frozen fish that you buy in convenient baskets. The baskets are in 2 sizes and you can fill them up for a fixed price. I tried it, and I liked the quality.

In some AH you will find also an octopus!

Don’t forget shrimp, mackerel, trout, salmon, and canned fish (in water) such as tuna, sardines, and mackerel.

In AH you can buy steaks and several meat cuts. If you want to buy meatballs or burgers, check that they didn’t add sugar, potato flour, or something else that can be not keto-friendly. This is very common in every supermarket in Holland.

There are a lot of choices also in processed meat, lunch meat, bacon, and salami. They sell also small plastic boxes with cheese and salami blocks, salmon rolls, and so on.

If you like spreads, check out the pathé (available in salmon and tuna) from John West.

Cheese and dairy products

AH has a lot of choices regarding cheese. Read in this separate post my favorite cheese for the keto diet.

AH sells also Cheese pops, the best snack to crunch during a movie!

Slagroom, is the best thing closer to the heavy cream. I buy the thick one from Campina and a liquid one from de Zaanse Hoeve.

Clotted cream, can be used as heavy cream to use in coffee.

Yogurt: read the best keto yogurts in the Netherlands.

Butter I recommend the bio grass feed from Campina or Borderij Zuivel.

Ghee, from the brand Bio Today.

Low-carbs milk

Choose the Almond milk with the best values: you can find easily 0 carbs milk from brands like AH, Provamel, and ALPRO.

Coconut milk is also a low-carb milk. I buy the one from Fairtrade Original or the one from AH. Both have 17 grams of fat and 2 net carbs for 100 ml.

The best Soya milk is from AH, with its 0,8 net carb and 2 grams of fat.

Another brand that is exclusive at AH is Plenish. 3 kinds of milk are available: Hazelnut milk (0,3 carbs), cashew milk (1,5 carbs), and almond milk (0,4 carbs). All the flavors are made with only 3 natural ingredients (nuts, sea salt, and water).

Butter and oils

Let’s talk about fats. They have all the kinds of oils. I recommend extra virgin olive oil because is one of the healthiest. In AH you will find also Ghee and MCT oil from the brand Bio Today.


They always have berries. Don’t forget the best fruit for a ketogenic diet, the avocado. And olives, which are full of healthy fats.

Nuts, nut butter and Seeds

Huge selection of nuts, that you’ll find in bags and in plastic boxes. They are perfect as snacks on the go.

From the AH brand, I like the 100% peanut and almond butter. Check always the labels and make sure the butter is 100% nuts.

Also for the seeds, we have a lot of choices. Pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds and have always the bio-version.

Read the best nuts for keto diet.


Dark chocolate (minimum 85%) is low-carb. The 2 best brands in AH are Handsoff and Lindt.

Low-carb bread

Notice: these options are not keto-friendly BUT, are very low in carbs.

In AH you can find these low-carb breads:

  • Tasty Basic bread flaxseed, which has 7,5 carbs for 100 gr. That makes less than 4 net carbs for a slice.
  • AH Low-carb bread: you can find in the freshly baked aisle is from the Ah brand. Read here my detailed review of this bread.

Read more about low-carb and keto bread in Holland.

Low-carb crackers

  • TastyBasics Crackers, all of them are quite low-carb.
  • LEEV Crackers, the lowest in carbs are the Flaxseed.
  • SMAAKT Flaxseeds Crackers. These are keto.

Read also: Low-carb and keto crackers in the Netherlands.


In AH you will find 0-carb mayo and sugar-free ketchup.

Best low-carb mayo in the NL.
Best low-carb ketchup in the NL.

You can also find sugar-free sauces from the brand REMIA.

Keto snacks and bars

Finally, it’s June 2022 and we have some interesting Keto products at Albert Heijn. We have a full department for gym junkies. Many things are from Body and Fit but look better: you should find also some keto snacks and bars.

Smartful keto bars review

Killer Body bars review (low-carb not keto)

Planet Hemp bars review

In this department, I found also crispy seaweed crackers.

Drinks and beverages

You will find basically all the soft drinks, like Cola, Fanta, and Sprite with 0 sugar. Ice tea 0 from AH (not only 0 carbs but also 0 calories). There are also special drinks that you can find only in AH.

Kombucha 0, is available in several products, and brands.

Read also: Best Low-Carb Starbucks Chilled Drinks

AH has good choices also regarding alcohol.
Read the best wines for the keto diet.

Royal Club 0 % sugar: available Ginger Beer, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale, Tonic Classic. Great to make refreshing and easy cocktails.

More drinks: Frank Seltzer and Stëlz, sparkling water with alcohol and flavoring.

Other products

Pork rinds and nibble bacon(in dutch: Knabbelspek and knabbelbacon)

Almond flour( brands Smaak, AH, Molensteen)

Baking powder, yeast, aromas

Egg whites in bottles

Broth, from the Dutch company Kleinste Soep Fabriek

Crunchy Edamame beans (13,6 carbs per 100 gr)

Low-carb Ice cream – more for less strict keto. Like Oppo or Lohilo

This Albert Heijn keto products list is in continuous evolution as I discover new keto-friendly products. Stay tuned!

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My name is Simona, a keto enthusiast, based in the Netherlands.

I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.

You find me on Instagram, Pinterest, and sometimes on Facebook.

I also write a lot of keto recipes on my Italian blog keto-with-simona.

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    Hello, just found you…feeling relieved to say the least. What a daunting trip this KETO world is. I joined Premium Carb Manager App. So I have got that to confuse me…but what I am finding the worst is finding the “american/british” version of products here in The Netherlands – hence me thrilled to have come across you and all you information. If I may -Clotted cream – where do I find this in AH. Truely hate being the english woman that stands infront of the fridge reading every label on a product and then with no 20/20 vision I must be such a laugh right. So my husband and I started this 4 days ago and I think we are doing ok but I have noticed I have already made a few “mistakes”. The FULL MILK/THE SLAGROOM. Then I have the husband issue. This man does not eat avo/nuts/brocolli (but cauliflower he will just need to deal with honestly). What can I replace those healthy fats with? Anyhow, thanks for your page and thanks for reading. Have a super day. Oh, also he needs to lose 20kgs and I know that if he sees results sooner than later it may keep him motivated – so I am attempting the clean Keto and Fasting 16/8….we are such over achievers…or just plain stupid – time will tell. ok…thats me for now.

    • Reply



      Hello Tamara! I love your message and thank you for taking the time to comment here, I love when people give me a feedback. Where to start. I see you totally motivated with your husband, and overachieving is great! Don’t worry if at the beginning you’ll do mistakes: progress, not perfection. Anyway you are going to lose, because when you switch from a normal nutrition, to a low-carb, especially when keto, you are going to see results very soon. Well not, super soon, but suddenly you’ll see them. And 2 weeks later, the other people will see them as well. The clotted cream, you won’t find in every supermarket. I noticed that almost only in the biggest ones, they have it. They keep it usually inside low-fridges, the ones without a roof; in the same area where all the cheese and all the lunch meat is. To enjoy better the black coffee I use also slagroom, and I find the one that is unsweetened and has the best balance fat/carbs. I don’t get overboard tho. Please, keep going you will soon have amazing results, and the best part is you will have a lot of energy and les and less hunger. Keep me posted. And if you don’t find the clotted cream, I will with pleasure do a video for you, ahahaha! Hug and stay safe – Simona

  2. Reply



    Thank you very much for this great informations? Can you please share picture or what kind exactly mayonnaise is 0 carb in Albert Hejin? All that I have found have sugars and carbs…

    • Reply



      Hi Sanja, give me 10 minutes and I will upload it in this blogpost!

  3. Reply



    Hi Simona,

    Thanks for the Time to put such a nice info!

    Let me start today!


    • Reply



      Hi Sean, thank you for your message1 It’s a pleasure to help the keto community in the Netherlands. Please reach back to me if you need suggestions or just to chat about keto things!

  4. Reply



    Hi Simona,

    Thanks, was looking for Dutch specific grocery stores to start buying keto products. Question though. On a keto diet how can you make sure you still get enough vitamins, minerals and fiber?

    • Reply



      Hi John! Indeed on a keto diet there is a lack of vitamins, mineral and fiber.
      In this post I talk about supplements, where I talk about the supplements I take. This is of course fruit of my personal research.
      I always suggest to speak with your family doctor and he can suggest you the best supplements for your situation.

  5. Reply



    Om my God! This is really helpful. I lost 8,5kg since I started my Keto diet 1 month ago. Especially after the weekends (whenever I give myself a little break from the strict low carb rule) I sometimes find it hard to adjust, entering a new week. In other words: I am definitely not fighting hunger, just the craving for something different. Like now I was searching the web for snacks-to-go at the AH store, my search brought me here, but a lot of times I still feel guilty whenever I see too many carbs on the ingredient list. Your info, saves me a lot of time and really gave some insight. Thank you.
    I will read more about your experiences.

    • Reply



      Dear Bryan, thank you so much for your message – I love receiving this kind of feedback and know that my passion for keto is useful to a few!
      8,5 kg in one month, wow that is a great result!
      Don’t feel guilty, in the end, consistency it’s everything, and our results are given by the choices we do 90% of the time. Enjoy the 10% and enjoy the keto eating. Living a healthy lifestyle is a marathon, not a sprint.
      Let’s hope to find more and more keto products around (my dream ahaha).
      Keto on!

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