Eat keto in Amsterdam: Best places to eat low-carb

Mar, 19, 2021

In this post I will write the best places to eat keto and low-carb in Amsterdam.

All the suggestions are suitable for a ketogenic diet. If you are not following keto but you are living low-carb, these options are perfect for you; since you can eat more carbs, feel free to add some whole grain products.

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Let’s dive in.

Eat Keto in Amsterdam – BREAKFAST

Many restaurants and bars are opened for breakfast and many coffee places serve breakfast. You will always find eggs, cheese, and bacon. In particular, I would like to mention two places:

OMELEGG. It’s a lovely family business, and they have also a location in Berlin. They serve omelets, with many flavors. You can put basically what you want, such as ham, cheese, salmon, broccoli, and so on. It’s great that you can buy the omelet alone, and basically, all flavors are keto-friendly. For the regular low-carb eaters, you can buy the menu, where bread or a small croissant is included. 

OEUF another lovely place that serves a lot of recipes with eggs. Eating ketogenic here is very easy. Most of the recipes don’t need any change to be low-carb! Read my full review: Keto at OEUF Amsterdam.

Read in detail about keto breakfast in Amsterdam.

Eat Keto in Amsterdam – LUNCH & DINNER

Amsterdam is full of restaurants, and most of them as keto options.


There are many brasseries in Amsterdam, and is very easy order a steak or a burger, replacing fries and bread with a salad. In particular, I suggest:

THE BUTCHER on the menu there is a bun-less burger. I am sure you can make small modifications to the menu. They have keto-friendly side dishes, like mushrooms, avocado, cheese, eggs and bacon.

CANNIBALE ROYALE has many choices of meals. You can opt for grilled chicken, steak, and any burger without the bun. Avoid the ribs because they are already glazed and they cannot be cooked without the sauce. Read more in detail about Keto at Cannibale Royale.

RANCHO has several locations throughout Amsterdam. What I love of this Argentinian grill Restaurant, is that they have on the menu several meat options with no fries included!

THE UPTOWN MEAT CLUB has a lot of keto choices: not only you can find here a great variety of high-quality meat, but also many keto-friendly side dishes.

LOETJE serves delicious and tender steaks with fresh salads. Read all the keto options at Loetje.


THE SEAFOOD BAR is an amazing place that serves fish. Here I suggest the plateaus, with a mix of smoked fish, so you can taste a little of everything. You can see I love this place.
Read in detail about keto at The Seafood Bar.

SUMO is one of the most famous sushi chains in Amsterdam. You can order a la carte or all you can eat: order of course keto-friendly food, such as sashimi, edamame, and miso soup. Oh, and tons of salad. Skip the sauce.


Poke bowls are popular in Amsterdam. The easiest way to stay keto, is asking a poke bowl without the quinoa base. Ask them if they can replace it with a salad mix. In the center you will find chains like:
Poké Perfect
Poké Bowl Original Amsterdam
Ritos (that has gluten free dishes and vegan options


RESTAURANT SMELT If you like cheese, here you can try their cheese fondue, and you can ask for customisations. Just dip veggies in the cheesy dip and you won’t regret it.

KAASBAR, is another place for cheese lovers. Read about keto options at Kaasbar.


MANOTO and DE AARDIGE PERS: In Persian Restaurants, the meat is fresh and very tasty. For details read Eat keto at the Persian Restaurant.

GREEK RESTAURANTS, where you can enjoy protein and healthy fats. Read here the best keto options at the Greek Restaurant.

DANTE RESTAURANT: simple Italian Restaurant with an American twist.Keto dishes like carpaccio, caprese. They have also roasted chicken and a wonderful marinated octopus.

L’OSTERIA has good choices in salads. But here you can have keto-friendly meals such as carpaccio, caprese, vitello tonnato and Affettato (mix of olives, lunch meat and cheese).

VICIO IL MASTRO PASTAIO, try caprese, burrata, or sardines. And you will love the Parmigiana.


SLA has many restaurants in Amsterdam. Here you can find a lot of high-quality salads, most also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. You can ask for some modifications or even make your salad from scratch.

THE AVOCADO SHOW is a lovely place in which you can have a great meal and a lovely photo for your Instagram. The common thread is that every meal has avocado on it. For a keto meal, I suggest these options: Caesar salad without croutons is perfect, poke bowls, ask them without sauce, mango, and sushi rice. They also serve eggs, with avocado, bacon, or salmon, just skip the sauce. They are very happy to make adjustments, so don’t be afraid to ask for some modifications. Read the details in this post.

SALSA SHOP, if you like fresh Mexican flavors, have a salad here. Vegetarian options are available. Read the full review here. They have a convenient location also in Central Station.

EAZIE has low-carb salads and meals. They also make wok and poke bowls, and the great thing is that you can replace the quinoa with 0-carb noodles (shirataki). They also have tofu and other vegan options if you don’t want meat or fish. You can also combine your soup.

VAPIANO is a world restaurant chain where you can eat a lot of low-carb and keto-friendly options. Read my dedicated post about all the keto options at Vapiano.


KAPSALON: this meal was invented in the Netherlands! It’s made with lettuce, meat, and cheese. The original recipe has fries on it, but skip them and you have yourself a keto meal! I love how Kapsalon was invented (and could’ve been me – hiding my fries under the salad, I mean, is the story of my life- maybe I will tell you this in another post). You can find in Amsterdam several places serving Kapsalon.

HERRING: One of the traditional Dutch traditions is a small stop to any haringhandel and have a herring. Walking around Amsterdam you will find many stands selling herring.

Important: the traditional way to eat this fish is raw. Some stands also smoke it, so if you are not raw fish, ask before you order. Just make sure to not order any bread with it or (easier) just toss the bread.
This solution is good for replenishing omega-3 fatty acids but not really the best for your breath. Please, if you order a herring, eat it in the classic haring position, and tag me on my Instagram (see picture above).

Eat keto in Amsterdam
This is how you eat properly a haring. This piece of art is from the artist Jenny Klevering.

Eat Keto in Amsterdam – COFFEE

In Holland, there are not many fancy places where you can have a custom coffee low-carb. Mostly, you will have to enjoy it black. The best way to custom your coffee with sugar-free options is STARBUCKS.
Read in detail my article about Keto options at Starbucks NL.
Read here the best places for a keto coffee in the NL.

Eat Keto in Amsterdam – SNACKS ON THE GO

The best places to get snacks if you are in rush and you don’t want to sit in a restaurant:

HEMA: Hema is a popular chain in the NL. Hema sells lot of low-carb options sold in practical packages, such as: cheese blocks olives salami nuts.
In Hema bistro you can ask for an hot-dog without the bread.

Read all the keto options at HEMA.

HOLLAND AND BARRETT: sells low-carb products, such as nuts, low-carb bars, sugar-free drinks, chocolate, and candies.

Read in detail about the keto options at Holland and Barret.

CHEESE STORES: Amsterdam is full of cheesestores. These stores sell also small packages to eat easily cheese on the go! The most famous chain is Henry Willig, which has a lot of stores around Amsterdam. They have all the kind of cheese, such as pesto, lavender, red pesto, coconut, garlic, asparagus. I want to mention also the Amsterdam Cheese museum in Prinsengracht: you can have a tour of the museum and then eat some cheese.

SUPERMARKETS: The most popular supermarket chains in the Netherlands are the following:
Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn To Go

Eat Keto in Amsterdam – STREET MARKETS

Another option is buying vegetables, meat, high-quality nuts, and fish at the street markets. The most popular markets are:

ALBERT CUYP: This is considered the most beautiful market in Amsterdam. With 260 market stalls, is the biggest market of Europe! Albert Cuyp is opened from Monday to Saturday from 9:30 to 17:00. Albert Cuypstraat 1073BD

AMSTERDAM WATERLOOPLEIN MARKET: this street market is very cozy and has all the essentials stands. Opened from Monday to Saturday 9:30-17:00. Waterlooplein 2 1011 NZ Amsterdam

FOODHALLEN: this market is full of ready-to-eat-food stands. There are many choices but you have to explore a bit to find the low-carb ones. Is very popular, so it can be very busy. Bellamyplein 51 1053 AT Amsterdam

Eat Keto in Amsterdam – ORDER READY MEALS AT HOME

Depending on where you have your accommodation, some restaurants won’t deliver in your area. If you are in the center you will have of course more choice. There are 2 main delivery services in the Netherlands: Uber Eats and Thuisbezorgd.

Read here all the keto meals tha you can order at your door.

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I hope this post will be useful for all my low-carbers out there! Oh, and if you know someplace where to eat low-carb in Holland, feel free to contribute and leave a comment below.

My name is Simona, a keto enthusiast, based in the Netherlands.

I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.

You find me on Instagram, Pinterest, and sometimes on Facebook.

I also write a lot of keto recipes on my Italian blog keto-with-simona.

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