Smart Veggies in the Netherlands

Mar, 03, 2023

In the supermarkets in the Netherlands, is possible to find many types of Smart Veggies. I love buying them because they can be used for keto easy and tasty keto recipes.

They are available at the most common supermarket, like Albert Heijn and Jumbo.

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Cauliflower and broccoli rice

Available in the fridge. The rice is very convenient to prepare keto recipes, like keto sushi.

I love to cook them in the pan, with some butter, and add 2 spoons of cream cheese.

The cauliflower rice is available also frozen, from Bonduelle brand.

Rutabaga tagliatelle

A healthy alternative to pasta, you can season it as you wish.

Smart Veggies in the Netherlands

Zucchini noodles

No need to waste time spiralizing your courgette. You can find it ready in the fridge in Alber Heijn.

Season this spaghetti as you want, with tomato sauce for example.

They release a bit of water, so you may want to drain the excess.

Smart Veggies in the Netherlands

Pumpkin lasagna

Love the pumpkin slices. The best keto way to make a lasagna.

Smart Veggies in the Netherlands

Cauliflower Couscous

This is made with cauliflower, paprika, tomatoes, spring onion e, and coriander. You can prepare your couscous, and spice it up as you fancy.

Smart Veggies in the Netherlands

Rutabaga Fries

They are not easy to be found, but these rutabaga fries trick the eyes. Great to be fried, in oil, or with an air fryer.

Trio veggies Spaghetti

This mix contains carrots, pumpkins, and courgettes. If you don’t avoid carrots in keto, it is okay for you.

Very tasty to cook in the pan, with some oil, or like you would season pasta.

I hope you liked this post on Smart Veggies in the Netherlands.

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