Keto at Vapiano: eating low-carb and ketogenic at Vapiano

Jun, 25, 2021

Eating keto at Vapiano: yes, it’s possible and it’s also very tasty.

In this post, you’ll discover every keto option you can have at Vapiano.

Vapiano is a chain that you can find in many many countries, the concept and the menu are the same.

I visited many times Vapiano in the Netherlands and other countries. Depending on the day and location, some options cannot be available. This is because the restaurant chain likes to use fresh products.

Notice: locations may differ in menu and options.

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Are there keto options at Vapiano?

Vapiano doesn’t only offer pasta and pizza but has more. Some options on the menu are keto. Some, need a bit of work, meaning, ask the chef to remove or replace one ingredient or two.

This is the great thing of Vapiano: you order directly to the chef and you can instruct them how to change your meal.

In every table of Vapiano restaurants, you’ll have oil, spicy oil, salt, spices, and herbs. Use them to customize your meal.

Keto starters at Vapiano

Let’s start from the beginning, with antipasti, starters.

Here’s the choices according to the menu.


Caprese is one of the dishes that are naturally keto! The ingredients: Mozzarella di bufala, cherry tomatoes, basil, rocket salad. They have also balsamic vinegar: skip it, and replace it with oil.


Carpaccio is made with thinly sliced beef filet, rocket salad, and Grana Padano. There is also a Cipriani sauce. What’s Cipriani sauce? It’s a tuscan sauce made with tomatoes, mayonnaise and Parmesan. Per se, is not a sauce high in carbs. I have no idea how the one from Vapiano is done. Evaluate if you trust a small sauce or you want to cut it and replace it with oil.

Sauce or no sauce, this starter is extremely filling and ketogenic.

Piatto antipasti grande

This means literally: “big plate of starters”. And by the ingredients, I would say the name is well chosen.

Ham, Grana Padano cheese, grilled vegetables, green olives, basil pesto (with pine nuts) and buffalo mozzarella.

Keto salads at Vapiano

The salads at Vapiano are great! You can also add more ingredients to your salad and customise it as you fancy.

Reef’n Beef

The reef’n beef is the only keto salad the you won’t need to modify. Salad, rocket, onions, cherry tomatoes, grilled vegetables, beef, prawns and optional Parmesan.

keto at vapiano


This is a Caesar salad: lettuce, Parmesan cheese and croutons. You can add apart the chicken and replace the sauce with oil.


This is just a veggie salad with Parmesan. It is not a full meal, so you can add apart ingredients, like meat or fish.


Nicoise is a mixed salad with tuna, black olives, onions and tuna. Ask it without potatoes.

Keto pasta at Vapiano

As for now, Vapiano has a low-carb/keto option to taste the pasta: zoodles, the noodles made of zucchini.

You can ask them in many seasonings, skipping the ones that may contain more carbs. Below, some of the lowest in carbs.

Bolognese: tomato sauce with Italian beef ragù, onions, and carrots. The carrots are minimal so won’t damage the macros.

Pomodoro: tomato sauce and onions

Carbonara: sauce with bacon and onion, egg and cheese

Aglio e olio: garlic, olive oil, chili, parsley

Pesto basilico: basil pesto with pine nuts and cheese

Pesto rosso: red pesto with tomatoes

Gorgonzola e noci: gorgonzola cheese with nuts

Quattro formaggi: gorgonzola, italian cheese, burrata, goat cheese, roasted nuts

Chicken Alfredo: sauce with chicken, egg, and cheese

Diavolo: tomato sauce with pepperoni, chili peppers and onions

Pollo e verdure: sauce with veggies and chicken, pine nuts and wine

Carbonara salmone: cream with salmon, onions, egg and cheese

Scampi: sauce with prawns, red chili peppers and tomato

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Eating keto and low-carb at Vapiano is very easy. It’s Italian cuisine, therefore it’s very easy finding low-carb options.

The menu are always available in English in whenever country you are going.

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My name is Simona, a keto enthusiast, based in the Netherlands. I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.