Keto snacks easy to carry in the bag

Aug, 21, 2020

When I am not on lockdown I have a very active life. I can be out of my home for 10 hours. That’s why I have always with me keto snacks easy to carry in the bag.

I always buy products to fit a small/medium purse, to be ready for every occasion. Every supermarket has keto-friendly products packed in small bags or boxes, therefore you can find many keto snacks easy to carry in the bag!
To know better my favorite snacks, read also the section Keto favorites.

Let’s dive in. Here’s what I consider the best keto snacks easy to carry in the bag.


Cheese is often sold in practical boxes or bags. My favorite options are Babybel, Cheesestrings, and cheese cubes. Hema sells amazing small packages. Me and my colleague are huge fans! I also love Cheesepop: popped cheese, very tasty and 0 carb. A box of Cheesepop is very small (65 grams of product) and doesn’t have to be stored in the fridge.

Keto snacks easy to carry in the bag


Also salami are very convenient. They are very easy to find in sticks, bags and boxes.


Nuts are very easy to carry and practical to eat. They are sold in boxes and bags. If you don’t feel grabbing with you a whole bag, you can put a handful of nuts in some aluminium foil.

Boiled eggs

I have always in the fridge some boiled eggs. It’s a simple and filling food to add to every meal. Albert Heijn TO GO sells peeled boiled eggs in bags.
I usually carry them from home in a small box.

They won’t last much out of the fridge so I bring them with me only if I know that I can store them in a fresh place.


Berries are practical to eat and to transport. Take them with you in a small box or you can also buy the ready packaging from the supermarket.

Since they are almost entirely carbs, I would suggest mixing some berries with cheese or olives.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate above 85% is a great snack. My favourite is from Funky Fat Foods, that contains also MCT oil.
Read more in this dedicated article. With the code SIMONA10 you’ll get 10% discount.

Low carb bars

Bars are very easy to carry, in any purse! Choose the best available on the market, reading the labels.

Depending on the purse I am using I choose to use a small box or keep the food in the original packaging.

Keto snacks easy to carry in the bag

I often do combinations of these foods when I’m on the go, mixing nuts and cheese, or salami and nuts, or salami and cheese.

Extra things to keep in your purse


remember that not all the sweeteners are not keto approved. Keep your favorite in your purse all the time. If you can drink your drink without, even better!

Milk or heavy cream

For months I wondered how to brink my heavy-cream with me. One day my friend Magdalena, showed me THE WAY! She bought a small glass bottle and filled with her low-carb milk! Thank you Magdalena!

Now, I won’t have to suffer if I am taking a black coffee and it sucks. It makes my order at Starbucks easier, because I don’t have to worry if they don’t have low-carb milk or heavy cream!

You can also add your aroma directly on your milk, and have every day a different flavoured milk/heavy cream/

I will keep my eyes open and eager to find new keto snacks easy to carry in the bag.

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