My review on LOHILO High protein ice cream. Lohilo is a “new brand” in Holland, that you can find in Albert Heijn supermarkets. You can find LOHILO also in many stores across Europe. So far they are not shipping worldwide.

Damn, Albert Heijn really wants to beat Jumbo by introducing low-carb stuff, like the Oppo, the Protein Boost ball, and other products.

I tried some of them for the sake of my blog. Ah, I hate my small, dirty hobby!

I love the packaging, I love that they are low-carb and low in sugar, but… Is Lohilo ice cream keto?

LOHILO High protein ice cream

The brand

When you will discover that the name LOHILO stands for
LOw calories
HIgh functionality
LOw additives

your mind will be blown.
Or maybe not.

Lohilo High Protein Ice cream

The brand presents its ice cream as rich in protein, low in kcal, low in sugar, low in fat, and lactose-free. I ship all of this. But is it suitable for a keto and/or low-carb diet? Is it suitable for me, for us???

So far 11 are the flavors available on their website.
In the Netherlands, we don’t have all of them, but only 5. For now.

Let’s look at the nutrition and the ingredients. The first column in the table represents the values for 100 grams and the second column the values for 100 ml. (100 ml means 2 tablespoons guys).

Lohilo ice cream flavors

Lohilo Damn good: Vanilla ice cream with caramel crunches. Per 100 gr it has 19,8 gr carbs of which 8,5 gr sugars.

Ingredients: MILK,  WHEY (MILK), CREAM (MILK), polydextrose, dextrose, fructose, vegetable oil (coconut, rapeseed oil), cocoa powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, BUTTER (MILK), sugar, glucose syrup, sweetener (xylitol, maltitol), collagen 3%(bovine), emulsifier (vegetable mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, rapeseed lecithin), stabilizer (locust bean gum, guar gum, gum arabic), vanilla beans, enzyme (lactase), flavors, salt. Traces of PEANUTS and other NUTS may be present. 

A few ingredients are not really ideal for the keto diet, like glucose syrup and Maltitol.
Carbohydrates are way higher than protein.

of which sugars8,5g4,25g
Dietry fibre6,3g3,15g

Lohilo Strawberry white: Strawberry ice cream with strawberry swirls and topped with white chocolate.

Ingredients: Milk (lactose-free), whey (milk), casein (milk), dextrose and fructose from grapes, sweeteners (xylitol, maltitol, erythritol, fiber (polydextrose), coconut oil, strawberries 5%, cocoa butter, flavoring natural (vanilla, strawberry), red beet stabilizers (locust bean gum, guar gum), emulsifier (vegetable mono and diglycerides of fatty acids), salt, soy lecithin. May contain traces of peanuts and nuts.

Maltitol is the ingredient that we don’t want in keto. Overall, fewer carbs than other flavors and good amount of proteins. This is better than the ice cream Damn Good.

of which sugars6,5g3,2g
Dietry fibre8,4g4,2g

Lohilo Half ‘n half: Vanilla and chocolate ice cream with cake pieces.

Ingredients: MILK, CASEIN (MILK), WHEY (MILK), CREAM (MILK), cocoa powder, dextrose, fructose, sweeteners(xylitol, erythritol), fiber (polydextrose), vegetable oil (coconut, sunflower), natural vanilla flavoring, coffee extract, stabilizers (locust bean gum, guar gum), emulsifiers (vegetable mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids), WHEAT flour, rice flour, vanilla beans, enzyme(lactase), salt. 
Traces of PEANUTS and other NUTS may be present. 

This flavor contains fewer carbs than the Strawberry one and no Maltitol. There is anyway wheat flour and rice flour even if in small amounts.

of which sugars9,3g4,65g
Dietry fibre9,7g4,85g

Lohilo Salted caramel: Creamy dulce de leche ice cream with a salty caramel sauce.

Ingredients: MILK, CASEIN (MILK), WHEY (MILK), dextrose, fructose, sweeteners (xylitol), fibre (polydextrose), natural dulce de leche flavoring, coconut oil, coloring (caramel), stabilizer (locust bean gum, guar gum), emulsifier (vegetable mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), enzyme (lactase), salt. Traces of PEANUTS and other NUTS may be present. 

This is maybe the better in terms of ingredients and carbohydrates. Still contains dextrose. 11 gr per 100 grams.

of which sugars7g3,5g
Dietry fibre9g4,5g

Lohilo Texas pecan: Vanilla ice cream filled with pecan nuts and salted caramel sauce. Ingredients: Vanilla ice cream with salty caramel sauce (9%) and pecan nuts (9%). Ingredients: SKIMMED MILK, PECAN NUTS, whey (MILK),  polydextrose, cream (MILK), sweeteners (erythritol, xylitol), dextrose, sugar, glucose syrup, coconut oil, butter (MILK), salt, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), stabilizers (locust bean gum, guar gum), thickener (pectin), enzyme (lactase), vanilla powder. TRACES OF PEANUTS AND OTHER NUTS (HAZELNUTS, ALMONDS) MAY BE PRESENT. 

This flavor contains sugar and glucose syrup, and I do not understand why they put sugar inside a low-carb ice cream. Why the sabotage?

If you calculate the net carbohydrates, per 100gr this flavor has 10,2 gr and 5,1 gr per 100 ml.

of which sugars6,6g3,3g
of which polyols4,8g2,4g
Dietary fibers5,6g2,8g

Is Lohilo ice cream low-carb?

Yes, Lohilo High Protein ice cream is suitable for a low-carb diet. There are many flavors, and many differ per ingredients and nutrition. Lohilo High protein ice cream is low in sugar and in calories. Overall, all of them are low in carbs compared with regular ice creams.

Which Lohilo ice cream is the lowest in carbs?

The lowest in carbs is the Lohilo Chocolate Lover: 8, 7 gr carbs per 100 gr. All of the flavors are very low in carbs.

Which Lohilo ice cream is the lowest in carbs in the Netherlands?

Lohilo Salted Caramel is the lowest in carbs among all the LOHILO ice creams sold in the Netherlands. It contains 11 carbs per 100 grams.

LOHILO High protein ice cream

Is Lohilo High protein ice cream keto?

There are many flavors, and many differ per ingredients and nutrition. Lohilo High protein ice cream is low in sugar and in calories, but all of them contain dextrose, which is not really ideal for a keto diet.
Many flavors contain also Maltitol, so watch out.
Having said that, if you are not that strict on keto, you can eat this ice cream in moderation, focusing on the cleanest flavors.

Which Lohilo ice cream is the best for the keto diet?

If you have to choose one and only Lohilo ice cream, choose one of these 2:

Which Lohilo ice cream is the lowest in carbs in the Netherlands?

Among all the LOHILO High Protein ice creams sold in the Netherlands, the Salted Caramel is the best.
Lohilo Salted Caramel has the lowest grams of carbs compared to other LOHILO, and has clean ingredients for the keto diet (except Dextrose).
It is followed by Lohilo Half ‘n Half, with a little bit more carbohydrates (12 gr per 100 gr).

Conclusions on Lohilo ice cream

Lohilo is a new brand on AH shelves and I am very happy that we are getting there more and more in the Netherlands. Still, is not the keto-friendly ice cream line that I was waiting for. But it is something.
Low-carb, low-calorie ice cream compared to the regular ice cream brands.
All the flavors are different per nutrition and ingredients. Some flavors contain cleaner ingredients than others.

In general, I can say that from time to time, if you indulge in one of these ice creams is not the end of the world. I tried the cleanest flavors, and what I liked the most is strawberry and white chocolate – pity for the damn Maltitol!

Give it a shot if you feel so, as always, with moderation.

LOHILO High protein ice cream

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