Hello there, and welcome to Trust No Carb!

My name is Simona and I am a low-carb converted, travel enthusiast & skin-care lover. Currently, I am living in the Netherlands with my husband-to-be Peppe and my needy cat Newton.

My story and why I trust no carb

For a big part of my life, I was embracing an unhealthy life: eating way too much, smoking too much, and stressing way too much. All changed when I started a ketogenic lifestyle. Since then I have had new energy. I started taking care of myself. Eating better made me feel better. I let carbs go and the same year I let cigarettes go. I trust no-carb, why, why should I trust a cigarette?

Trust No Carb is my online home where you’ll find great keto & low-carb tips and recipes, advice, and some of my favorite things.

Where to start/how to get the best from my blog

I really suggest you to check my Keto recipes section, where you can find my favorite recipes. Almost all my recipes are easy and fast to make.

In Keto life, you will find tricks, information and guides to live keto, low-carb and sugar-free.

In Keto in the world, I combine my passion for travel with my keto lifestyle. Anywhere I’ll go I will absorb some useful keto information for who is traveling and wondering where to eat low-carb. Unfortunately, I started my blog in the middle of the pandemic (lockdown-no work-I MUST do something let’s open a blog) so the section is still in progress but you’ll find plenty of information about the Netherlands.

In keto reviews, I talk about low-carb and keto products, and I write my opinion.

Check also my Discount Code page, to save some coins while shopping keto products.

Connect with me

I’d love to connect with you! If you have a question or you want to leave a quick “Hi!” you can use the contact form and I will answer as soon as I can!

If you want to see which wine I am currently drinking or what is my favourite snack, you should check my Instagram. I also love to take care of my boards on Pinterest.

I also have an Italian blog, Keto with Simona, on GZ.

Trivia/fun facts about me

  • I make most of my daily steps playing with my cat Newton.
  • I love the colour grey. If you enter my home, you will notice most of my things are grey.
  • I was born in the South of Italy.
  • I work full-time as a recruiter.