Keto products at Amazing Oriental

Jun, 17, 2022

In this post, I will write about all the Keto products at Amazing Oriental, in the Netherlands. Amazing Oriental is an oriental chain, focused on Chinese and Korean products. The oriental cultures eat a lot of carbohydrates, but a few interesting things can be found at Amazing Oriental,

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My favorite products in the Netherlands

Let’s dive in and talk about the keto-friendly products at Amazing Oriental.


You will find uncommon veggies, like the paksui, or different variety of aubergines and mushrooms.


They have amazing spices. They have all the spices. And we know, flavouring the things on keto is really important.

Keto products at Amazing Oriental

Coconut Milk and Coconut Milk

The Coconut milk from Sureé has 3,7 gr of fats and 0,7 of carbs.

The Coconut cream from Kara has 17 gr of fats and 2,4 of carbs.

Dry coconut pieces

If you ever wants to bake a coconut treat, here is the place to buy the small pieces of coconut

Coconut Oil

And coconut oil, of course!


This from TRS is very good.

Keto products at Amazing Oriental

Frozen fish

I believe the quality of the frozen fish from the Amazing Oriental is good, because Asian people are very picky about it. There is a LOT of frozen fish, and I cannot wait to fill my freezer of it.

Frozen Garlic

I found super interesting that they sells bags of peeled and cut products, such as garlic: this is so useful!

Keto products at Amazing Oriental

Sugar-free Aromas and food colouring

I love that here you can find sugar-free aromas and food coloring.

Tip: read the bottles, because some may contain sugar.

This Amazing Oriental keto products list is on continuous evolution as I discover new keto-friendly products. Stay tuned!

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My name is Simona, a keto enthusiast, based in the Netherlands. I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.