Best low-carb Mayo in the Netherlands

Dec, 09, 2022

Blogpost on the best low-carb Mayo in the Netherlands. I do not indulge too much in mayo.
Store-bought mayo is processed, and mayo leads also to inflammation. I certainly eat mayo only a few times a week. I like to dip meat, or veggies, or sometimes use it instead of the oil in a mixed salad.

Don’t choose lightly your mayo: some brands have 16 gr of carbs per 100 grams.
You can find a good and tasty mayo with less than 0,5 gr of carbs for 100 grams.

In this blog post, I will identify the best low-carb mayo, suitable for a keto diet, in the Netherlands.

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Best low-carb Mayo in the Netherlands

The options below are my favorite, according to taste, gr of carbs per 100 grams, and easiness to be found.

Ambachtelijke Mayonaise – AH Excellent

AH, Excellent is my synonym for high-quality products.

Seriously, try the Mortadella Excellent from AH, and thank me later.

The Ambachtelijke Mayonaise is my favorite option. It is sold in a big glass jar. The content is 720 ml.

Yes is very big, so if you live alone, this is too much for you. Don’t you think is too much? You dirty keto follower, let’s be friends, lol.

Did I mention that the jar closes hermetically? It is freaking difficult to remove the sticker from the jar, but once is out, is great.

The best part of this mayo is the grams of carbs per 100 grams: 0.

Best low-carb Mayo in the Netherlands

Jean Bâton Mayo

Jean Bâton Mayo is popular among the people in the Netherlands. Indeed it is a fancy mayonnaise. I love the minimal packaging and the linear glass.

Jean Bâton has 4 types of mayo, but not all of them are suitable for keto.

  • Belgian Recipe has 0,3 grams of carbs (red sticker)
  • Organic No Sugars 0,4 gr of carbs (blue sticker)
  • Truffle 3,8 gr of carbs (black sticker)
  • Absolutely Vegan 5,2 gr of carbs (green sticker)

Stick with the jar with the red or the blue sticker. This is a great mayonnaise. In PLUS it is also sold in a bigger jar (about 600 gr).

You can find this brand in AH, Plus, and Jumbo.

Best low-carb Mayo in the Netherlands

Saitaku Mayo

Saitakuis, is a famous brand that sells all the products and sauces for sushi. Mayo Original is sold in a plastic squeezable bottle. It counts 0,8 gr of carbohydrates. A little bit more compared to the first 2 options. You can find it in AH.

Best low-carb Mayo in the Netherlands: Conclusions

It is not difficult finding low-carb and sugar-free mayonnaise for the keto diet, in the Netherlands.
If you can visit Albert Heijn I suggest you The Ambachtelijke Mayonaise.
If buying all at once 700 grams of mayo is too much, just take a small jar of Jean Bâton Mayo (red or blue sticker).

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