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Aug, 13, 2021

Jumbo is a big supermarket chain in the Netherlands and is one of my favorite to search for keto products.

Jumbo is convenient and it has great quality, compared to other chains.

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Let’s dive in and talk about the keto-friendly products in Jumbo.


As in every supermarket, you will find in Jumbo all the veggies you need. Don’t forget to try broccoli rice and the snoepgroenten.

In Jumbo, I often find already cut veggies, useful when I have to make some recipes, like these pumpkin slices.

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Many salads are ready to eat. Be careful to not buy the one with pasta or potatoes. They are very handy when you are at the office and you want a decent lunch, including some salad.

Fish, meat, eggs

Usually, I like the quality of Jumbo regarding meat and fish. I love that Jumbo often has options such as pulled pork and ready-to-eat roasted chicken. I can’t find these handy options at AH, for example.

They also sell frozen sea fruits that you can mix yourself in a convenient basket. And also caviar (the imitation one).

In many Jumbo, they have also the grillworst, available natural, with cheese and with chicken.

I love this salmon pathé from John West, available also in tuna flavor.

Cheese and dairy products

Read in this separate post my favorite cheese for the keto diet. You’ll love the cheese pops, perfect for a movie night or to pack in a bag.

Some of my favorite options:

Grana Padano




Goat cheese balls

Port Salut

Cheese pesto sauce


Low-carbs milk

Choose the Almond milk with the best values: you can find easily 0 carbs milk from brands like Jumbo and ALPRO.

Butter and oils

Let’s talk about fats. They have all kinds of oils. I recommend extra virgin olive oil because is one of the healthiest.


They always have berries. Don’t forget the best fruit for a ketogenic diet, the avocado. And olives, that are full of healthy fats.

Nuts, nut butter, and Seeds

Huge selection of nuts, that you’ll find in bags and in plastic boxes. They are perfect as snacks on the go.

From the Jumbo brand, I like the 100% peanuts. Check always the labels and make sure the butter is 100% nuts.

Lot of choices regarding the seeds.

Read the best nuts for the keto diet. Jumbo doesn’t sell pili nuts.


In Jumbo, you will find for sure Dark chocolate (minimum 85%). The 2 best brands are Handsoff and Lindt.


In my opinion, Jumbo has the best tapas. Jumbo has more choices.

For example, we can find deviled eggs, goat cheese wrapped in ham, and much much more.

Keto products at Jumbo

Sauces and spreads

In Jumbo, you will find some low-carb mayo. The best, in my opinion, is the one from the Belgian brand Jean Baton, which counts 0,3 gr of carbs and 82 gr of fats for 100 grams. And the taste is really amazing!


From the brand Jumbo you’ll find incredible 0 carbs beverages. Beware, some of them are in special editions, so they can be out of the market.

Cola Zero sugar Coconut

Cola Zero sugar Cinnamon

Cola Zero Sugar Marshmellow

Candy Can beverages

Fresh Lemon drink

Jumbo has good choices also regarding alcohol.
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In Jumbo you will find also Charlie’s Organic, sparkling water with real pressed fruit.

They also sell the Bozu drinks: vodka drinks, 5% Vol in different flavors.


In Jumbo, you’ll find 0 sugar candies from the brand Food2smile. They are low-carb candies. Notice they contain Maltitol, so they can endanger your state of ketosis.

Low-carb bread

In Jumbo you can find the Tasty Basic bread lijnzaad, that has 7,5 carbs for 100 gr. That makes less than 4 net carbs for a slice.

If you follow low-carb try the almond version! It’s very tasty (15 carbs/100 gr).

The ingredients here are not all keto-friendly, but for the number of carbs, I close an eye.

Read more about low-carb and keto bread in Holland.

Keto products at Jumbo

Keto crackers

The only crackers I am buying now are the Zaden Pitten from RAW. They are seeds crackers, totally keto legit, meaning they contain only keto-friendly products (no flours). They contain only seeds and spices.

The brand RAW has other types of crackers but they contain more carbohydrates. For reference, I will post the pics here below.

For some time, I also bought the Pumpkin seeds crackers from Tasty Basic, but they contain a little bit of flour. They are very low-carb tho. For reference, the photos.

And they do have more tastes: if you are following a low-carb and you don’t need ketosis, give them a try.

Read more about keto and low-carb crackers in the Netherlands here.

Other products

Pork rinds and nibble bacon( in dutch: Knabbelspek and knabbelbacon)

Almond flour( brands Smaakt and Jumbo)

Baking powder, yeast, aromas

Oppo low-carb ice-cream (review here)

This Jumbo keto products list is in continuous evolution as I discover new keto-friendly products. Stay tuned!

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My name is Simona, a keto enthusiast, based in the Netherlands.

I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.

You find me on Instagram, Pinterest, and sometimes on Facebook.

I also write a lot of keto recipes on my Italian blog keto-with-simona.

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My name is Simona, a keto enthusiast, based in the Netherlands. I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.