Keto at Starbucks in the Netherlands

Jun, 26, 2020

What keto drinks can I order at Starbucks in the Netherlands? This was one of my first questions, while back, starting my ketogenic journey. As always, Dutch literature about keto is poor…you know already, dieting in the Netherlands is hard. So…welcome, this is my Starbucks keto guide to ordering drinks in the Netherlands! To jump to what you can order, go to the Summary.

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Making this guide was easy. For months I just:

  • Spent half of my salary ordering endless combinations of cold-hot-coffee-brew-tea-syrups
  • Talked nonsense with Starbucks baristas (They love me!)
  • Stalked Starbucks baristas (I know they love me!)
  • Fought with Starbucks baristas because they put creamer instead of Heavy Cream or normal syrup instead of sugar-free syrup (They love me, right?)

I am confident this post will be useful to all the keto followers + Starbucks lovers + living in the Netherlands. In my first month of keto, I ordered only Americano because I wasn’t sure what I could order at Starbucks. Americano is great because has few calories but I like the luxury to choose every day a different coffee. If I want to, of course. I visit Starbucks many times per week: in these months I’ve learned what is keto-friendly and what is not.

Let’s dive in.

3 golden rules to order keto-friendly Starbucks drinks in the Netherlands

Let’s start with 3 simple basic rules when order keto-friendly Starbucks drinks in the Netherlands.

1. Say no to seasonal and special drinks

We all know that seasonal drinks are sugar bombs: syrups, sugary spices mix, and whipped cream are largely used.

2. Say no to normal milk, creamer and whipped cream

Normal milk and creamer have more carbohydrates than other kinds of milk. Whipped cream is already sweetened with normal sugar, so avoid it.

3. Limit almond, coconut, and soya milk

The almond and soya milk sold at the supermarket has 0 carbs. I’ve checked the bottle of almond milk they use and it has 2,6 carbs and only 1,2 fat. Coconut milk has 3,5 carbs. Use it with moderation.

Coffee safe options

  • Americano
  • Espresso
  • Brewed coffee
  • Nitro
  • Cold brew

Tea safe options

  • Unsweetened warm teas
  • Unsweetened cold brewed teas

Be very clear in saying you would like only unsweetened tea. With the cold teas, I am very careful because I am afraid the employees don’t really know if they contain sugar or not. On the Dutch Starbucks website, the only unsweetened option for cold tea is the Peach Citrus Green Tea.

The Starbucks near my workplace have always black tea as a sugar-free option. Occasionally, they have also green tea and hibiscus tea. I guess this changes from location to location. So you will have to ask your baristas.

Safe options to combine in your coffee or tea

Heavy Cream

In the Starbucks near my workplace, they keep the heavy cream in the fridge, in a plastic bottle. The one they use in this Starbucks has 40 grams of fats and 2,8 carbs. In the Netherlands they don’t really know what is heavy cream: tell them you are referring to the cream 40% and surely they will understand better.

For a small splash of Heavy cream, you will have about 0,4 net carbs.

keto at starbucks in the netherlands

From location to location they could use different products: to be sure ask the employee if you can check the values in the bottle. In the Starbucks near my workplace the heavy cream was difficult to find: then one day something changed and they have it every day for me. I am thinking they are ordering for me, as a regular customer (they love me! – Love you more, guys!).

Sugar-free syrups

Starbucks in the Netherlands offers 3 sugar-free syrups: hazelnut, caramel, and vanilla. I checked the bottles of these syrups and for 100 ml they have 1,4 carbs and 5 calories. They put 4 to 6 pumps in a venti size. I usually ask them to put just 2-3 pumps so I introduce fewer carbs.

For 3 pumps of a sugar-free syrup: 0,2 net carbs

Ice cubes

Of course, ice cubs have no carbs and calories, yeah! In the summer ice cubes make our beverage refreshing and our cup look like a special iced drink! Is definitely a nice trick to use!

My favorite keto options at Starbucks

The following are my favorite keto-friendly drinks at Starbucks in the Netherlands:

Americano with a splash of heavy cream

Americano with a splash of heavy cream is what I order more at Starbucks.
They usually ask how much I want and they pour it in front of me so I can say stop when is enough.
Be a control freak like me and make sure they really use the heavy cream!

Net carbs for this drink: 0,4

Nitro or Cold brew with heavy cream and 2 pumps of Sugar-free Vanilla syrup

keto at starbucks in the netherlands

For the summer I recommend cold americano, nitro, or cold brew.
I make sure they add extra ice to feel I am drinking a special summer drink!
Is very refreshing and sometimes I don’t ask for heavy cream or syrups – to avoid some carbs.

Net carbs for this drink: 0,6

Cold unsweetened tea with heavy cream and 3 pumps of Sugar-free Caramel syrup

Ask for the sugar-free options in your Starbucks. Syrup and heavy cream are optional. I prefer to mix black tea with heavy cream and a sugar-free syrup. Hibiscus tea is great alone! I just add my favorite sweetener and I am a happy girl!

Net carbs for this drink: 0,6

Keto Matcha & Espresso fusion

This is a very uncommon ice drink. Ask for a scoop of Matcha dissolved in water, add some ice cubes, a splash of heavy cream, and 1 or 2 espresso shots. Add some sweetener and mix! Matcha has some carbs (6 per scoop) so this option is very occasional for me.

Net carbs for this drink: 6

Keto “Frappuccino”

For the warm days, I need something more, I have a Frappuccino option that you’ll love.

Ask for almond milk, blended in ice and an (optional) sugar-free syrup. Optional shot of espresso. No whipped cream.

Yes, is basically a Frappuccino. But don’t ask for a Frappuccino. Why?
If you ask for a Frappuccino, the Barista will automatically add some pumps of coffee or milk syrup, that contains sugar! This extra syrup is implied in the original Frappuccino recipe. It’s just easier to ask them to blend your milk and ice, and sugar-free syrup.

You can choose the syrup you want. I like Vanilla.

Carbs for a “Frappuccino” Grande: about 180 ml almond milk = 5 net carbs

Carbs for a “Frappuccino” Venti: about 240 ml almond milk= 6,4 net carbs

REMEMBER: frappuccinos are paired with whipped cream: ask to not have it.

My Starbucks experience as a keto follower in the Netherlands

Be patient with baristas: ketogenic diets are not very popular in Holland! It took months for my baristas to remember the details of my crazy, low-carb lifestyle.

I will keep my eyes open and I will update this post with extra info and change about keto and Starbucks in the Netherlands.

Updates: new products, drinks

January 2021

The barista showed me a new bottle of milk, that will be in the permanent selection. The milk is a blend of rice, hazelnuts, and cashew. I immediately check the values. Darn! For 100 ml 4,4 carbs. Fat only 1,5.
I tried it anyway (a small amount because I am in keto but I am also curious!). Alone, without coffee or anything, is very tasty and I loved the nuts aftertaste. Really pleasant milk. Then I mixed a small amount with an espresso shot and the taste disappeared. To feel the taste you must have a big splash in your coffee, 100 ml is not enough. The verdict is, according to my humble opinion, this milk is not worth.


In cold drinks, you can add ice cubes. Syrup and splash of heavy cream and milk are optional.

Choose a beverage

  • Americano
  • Espresso
  • Brewed coffee
  • Nitro
  • Cold-brew
  • Unsweetened warm teas
  • Unsweetened cold teas

Choose a sugar-free syrup (2-3 splashes)

  • Vanilla
  • Caramel
  • Hazelnut

Choose a splash

Cream 40%

Soya-almond milk (in moderation, they are not 0 carb)

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    Hello I want to let you know that I love the content on your blog. I’m happy to have find a blog page on Keto in the Netherlands. I’m fairly new to the Netherlands, coming all the way from the State of Florida in the United States. I am looking to incorporate keto back into my daily life. Your blog would be a perfect compliment to my keto journey.

    PS: Do you know where I could find heavy whipping cream or its equivalent here in the Netherlands? Bedankt!, Dank je wel! Kadie

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      Hi Kadie! First of all a big thank you for your nice words! I am always happy to have the feedback from keto followers in the Netherlands!
      Here following the keto is harder than in the United States but is doable.
      As for the heavy whipping cream here in The Netherlands I didn’t find a proper replacement. You can use the unsweetened slaagroom (check the labels – carbs must be low and aim to the highest value of fats ). I use the langlekker slagroom Campina. A good option is also Devon Clotted cream, highest in fats and lower in carbs compared to Campina slagroom! Only thing is that the composition is a cream and not liquid as the heavy cream!

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