Planet Hemp Superfood KETO Bars

Apr, 29, 2022

I found these 3 Keto Bars from the brand Planet Hemp Superfood at Holland and Barrett.

You can find them also on Amazon, for a more convenient price.
Here I am writing my review because reviewing keto bars is my life.

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Planet Hemp Superfood KETO Bars

Planet Hemp Superfood KETO Bars: the flavors

The flavors are 3.

Sports Recovery protein bar with cherries

Hunger Control Chocolate Protein bar

Slimming salted caramel protein bar

The bars are not very hard to bite, not crunchy, kind of chewy. And you can tell they are rich in fiber. The taste of each flavor is very subtle – not too strong.

Overall I like these bars, but they are not my favorite keto bars so far.

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If I have to choose my favorite taste, I would go with Sports recovery (cherry) but you will read below that is not really the best option.

The ingredients

All the 3 bars are keto certified, high in fiber, high in protein, with no added sugar, and suitable for a vegan diet.

Few ingredients in these bars:

Oligofructose seems like sugary stuff but is a prebiotic dietary fiber that promotes gut health and supports digestive function.

Pea Protein is keto-friendly because of its low amount of net carbs.

A few other main ingredients are Peanut butter, erythritol, cacao mass, hemp seed, and cocoa butter.

The cherry-flavored bar contains a small percentage of dehydrated cherries, which are not keto-friendly, and indeed this bar contains more carbs than the other 2 bars.

The nutritional label

A bar weighs 40 grams. Here are the net carbs for each bar:

Sports Recovery protein bar with cherries: 5,4 gr of carbs, 8 gr fat

Hunger Control Chocolate Protein Bar: 3,6 gr of carbs, 9,8 gr fat

Slimming salted caramel protein bar: 3,2 gr of carbs, 10 gr fat

Are the Planet Hemp Superfood KETO Bars low-carb?

Yes, these bars are perfect for a low-carb diet. They are also high in fiber and protein (about 8 gr per bar). No added sugar.

Are the Planet Hemp Superfood KETO Bars keto-friendly?

The Hunger Control Chocolate Protein Bar and the Slimming salted caramel protein bar contain keto-friendly ingredients and with less than 4 net carbs per bar are keto-friendly.

The Sports Recovery protein bar with cherries contains cherries, which are not keto-friendly, even if the quantity is minimal. The net carbs are 5,4 gr.
If you are strict on your keto diet, avoid this bar.

Planet Hemp Superfood KETO Bars: in Conclusion

In my opinion, these 3 bars contain very healthy ingredients, perfect for a keto and low-carb diet.
I like the fact that they are in fiber and protein.

Why yes: ingredients, fiber, low net carbs.

Why Not: the taste is not one of the best

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