Below you will find some of the keto things I am loving lately.

Funky Fat white choc

As you know, the White Chocolate from Funky Fat Foods is my favorite.
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Keto Cereals Grandma Crunch

 Obsessed lately with the strawberry flavor. 

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Cheese Pops

I am so obsessed with the popped cheese. Crunchy like pop corn, but tastier, cheesy-er, and keto.

five guys lettuce wrap

Five Guys is the paradise for people in keto, because they swap buns with lettuce wraps.

Keto Pulsin bars

Great macros, clean ingredients, amazing taste.
Pulsin Keto Bars

The Avocado Show

One of the best places to eat keto in Amsterdam (and in Europe)!

Steviala OH’ CHOC

This chocolate spread is heaven.

SOURCY Vitamin Water

Lately, I love go for groceries because each time I come back with one of these. I love the Mango & Guava taste.

Steviala Sugar free syrups

These Steviala syrups are sugar-free and without any sweetener. Insane. Oh, and they promote the gut health because they contain prebiotics.


Cheese is life, in every form and in every country.