Smartful Keto Nut Bars

Jun, 03, 2022

I found new keto goodies, these Smartful Nut Bars. While I was browsing in the Albert Heijn To Go searching for some not-really-keto-treats to give to my friend, I stumbled upon these 2 bars.

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I read the magic 4 letters word: KETO. Followed by: 2g NET CARBS. Am I in Keto Heaven?

The sign “NIEUW” on the shelf took me back to reality, we are still in Frikandelland, and the guy next to me has a whole bus of bread in his arms.

Glory day! Let’s take these 2 keto bars and the Haribo for my friend Andra, and let’s write this post.

Smartful Keto Nut Bars

Smartful Keto Nut Bars: the flavors

In the Albert Heijin To Go, I found these 2 flavors:

  • Red Berries
  • Honey Nuts

I searched these bars also in the regular AH, but I have not found them.

The ingredients

The ingredients claim to be high in fibre, organic, and no sweetener. I cannot believe there are no sweeteners!

The ingredients are not that many, and they are the most, natural and healthy. almond, pecan nuts, coconut flour, flax seeds.

I found 2 no-keto-friendly ingredients in both the Honey Nuts and the Red Berries bars: honey and puffed rice.

The nutritional label

For instance, the bar has:

The bars have similar nutrition values. Let’s take the Honey Nut bar:

For a bar (40g):

194 calories

Total Fats: 15 gr

Total carbs: 10,5 carbs (of which sugar 4,5 g)

Fiber: 8,6 gr

Protein: 4,5 gr

So, on the paper is reported that each bar has 2 net carbs.

Do not laugh, but I am not sure that each bar is 2 net carbs. Because of the label. Usually, if we have to discount the poly from the total amount of carbs, in the label we find: of which sugar alcohol/fiber.

Here no. It is like, the carbohydrates are 18, and the polyols are separated.

But hey, I am just a keto freak and not a nutritional label freak.

If you are confused by this calculation, read here the difference between total and net carbs.

Smartful Keto Nut Bars

Are the Smartful Keto Bars low-carb?

I consider these bars low-carb. The ingredients seem very healthy, without bullshit.

Are the Smartful Keto Bars keto-friendly?

Most of the ingredients of these bars are keto. They do contain also honey and puffed rice, which are not really keto-friendly. I do not consider these bars strictly keto, even if overall, the ingredient composition is very nice.
Also, I am not sure about the net carbs.

Smartful Keto Nut Bars: In conclusion

This is an interesting new entrance to the Dutch Market. Sign that keto is expanding in the Netherlands, and it is not so hard being on keto now. I like the compromise between crunchiness and crispiness.

Why yes: low in carbs, no sweetener, few ingredients.

Why not: Not all the ingredients are keto-friendly, not sure about the net carbs.

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