Where to buy keto products in the Netherlands

Mar, 18, 2022

This complete article focuses on where to buy keto products in the Netherlands. I wanted to make a whole blog post with all the places where you can find keto products.

In the Netherlands, you can find keto and low-carb products in physical stores, and in many stores online.

I divided the products into categories, so you can easily browse what you are looking for.

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And now, let’s dive in, and let’s see where is best to buy keto products in the Netherlands.

Veggies, fruit and berries

Veggies and fruits are sold in every supermarket, but they won’t have a lot of variety. I love to buy the so-called smart veggies at the supermarket because they save me time in the kitchen.

In many neighborhoods, you will find mini markets with a lot of veggies, and the quality is very nice.

Check also the street markets.


You can easily buy meat in every supermarket, but you won’t find the best quality.

I suggest you find a good butchery near you. Check also the street markets. Many farms have an online website, and you can order high-quality meat from there.

Few of the many meat websites:

Nice to meet you

The meat lovers

Harries Vlees

Butchery NL

You won’t find Grass-fed meat in the supermarkets, so read this post.

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In the Netherlands, you won’t find sugar-free Jerky, but I found a very interesting alternative: Biltong, the South-African alternative. Made without sugar, it is very proteic. You can find Biltong online:
BEEFit Biltong
EMBER Biltong


The quality and the variety you will find at the supermarket are not the best.
Find near your house a good fish store. Check also the street markets.

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Oils, butter

You can find oils and butter everywhere in Holland: from the supermarket to Hema, Ekoplaza, to Dille & Kamille.
Choose, if you can, the highest qualities of the oil. I recommend good extra virgin olive oil.

MCT oil is also great for the keto diet.

Nuts, seeds, spices

In the stores: supermarkets, street markets, Normal, Kruidvat. At Holland & Barrett you will find the pili nuts, and this is my review here.
Online, you can buy nuts, seeds, and spices on websites like the Notenshop, Pit & Pit,

Cheese, Milk, and creams

Holland is famous for its cheese, so it’s sold on every corner. Street markets are great for buying cheese because they have nice flavors and special qualities that supermarkets don’t have.
If you search for more commercial cheese, Henri Willig is a great chain and it also has an online store.

You can find milk, clotted cream, and creams in supermarkets.

Flours & keto baking

Some supermarkets have the basics. You can find almond or coconut flour. Not much.

You can find also some baking products in Kruidvat and Holland and Barrett.

For this necessaire, I suggest you get on the couch and browse some great web stores, like the Notenshop, Pit & Pit, Steviala, Koro.

Read my review on Steviala.

In these stores, you will also find cacao butter, psyllium husk, Xanthan gum, coconut pieces, nuts, and many products that come in handy when baking.

Keto Snacks and keto bars

If all you want is commercial keto bars, snacks, yummy products, and bread, here is the list of the store and websites.

Online only


Keto Fit Shop


Online and Physical stores
Holland and Barrett

Dille & Kamille

Read also my detailed post regarding keto and low-carb bars in the Netherlands.


In the supermarket, the best low-carb choices you can find are:

Lindt: 85-90-99-100% chocolate
Hands-off 85%

Online options

My favorite chocolate is from Funky Fat Foods because is lower in carbs than other chocolate and is enriched with MCT oil. 15% DISCOUNT with the code: TRUSTNOCARB.

Keton1 (it’s sold on the keton1 website)

Steviala Read here my review.

Okono Chocolates. 10 % DISCOUNT with code TRUSTNOCARB. Read here my review.


Candies, almost all contain Maltitol, so be careful. 2 brands in the Netherlands:


Sugar-free butter sweets

Werther’s original sugar-free

Sugar-free Lollipops



Sugar-free gums are sold in every supermarket/Drugstore.

Bread and Crackers

Bread: you can find freshly baked low-carb bread in AH or Jumbo, but you won’t find at the moment keto bread.

You can find keto bread mix online, like the Go keto Keto bread mix, or you can consider doing at home your own keto bread, using keto recipes, such as this Keto bread cookbook.

Read in detail:

Keto and low-carb bread in the Netherlands

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Online there are places where you can find freshly baked keto bread (I haven’t tried them, so I cannot tell you if the quality is good):

Twin Bakery Amsterdam

Forever Snack

Keto Pasta

Read also my detailed blog post about keto and low-carb pasta in the Netherlands.

In a normal supermarket, you won’t find any keto pasta.

You can find some low-carb pasta, but finding keto pasta is really difficult.

The only keto-friendly pasta easily findable in the NL and affordable is:

Palmini Pasta (available in fettuccine, spaghetti, rice, lasagne).

Edamame pasta, available in spaghetti, fettuccine, fusilli.

Shirataki, sold online or in stores such as Action, and sometimes at Jumbo.

Keto Bakeries

Ben van de Keto

Viola’s Patisserie (in Eindhoven, they also have a physical store in Eindhoven) – be careful only a small part of the selection is keto because she is focused more on sugar-free low-carb. If you are on low-carb, everything is ok for you!

Forever Snack

Bone Broth

Bone broth was not easy to find. Hence, I wrote a whole post regarding bone broth in the Netherlands.


Physical and Online stores


Holland and Barrett

Online only

Vital Proteins collagen and peptides


Sugar-free beverages: the most common are Cola, Fanta, Sprite, and sugar-free cold teas: always check they are sugar-free and that the number of carbs per 100 ml is decent.

Nocco 0 cab company, sold in some stores, like Normal, and online, like Body and Fit.

You can find sugar-free also in Action, Normal, Kruidvat.

Read also beverages for the keto diet in NL


Super alcoholics without sugar, are of course suitable for keto diet. Check great deals online or at Gall&Gall.

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I hope this is useful to many of you. If you notice a missing place where to buy keto products in the Netherlands please fill free to reach out or leave a comment below.

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My name is Simona, a keto enthusiast, based in the Netherlands.

I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.

You find me on Instagram, Pinterest, and sometimes on Facebook.

I also write a lot of keto recipes on my Italian blog keto-with-simona.

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      Hello hello, no idea where to buy pasteurized eggs in the Netherlands – I buy only free-range eggs and bottled whites – and I am very satisfied with them!

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My name is Simona, a keto enthusiast, based in the Netherlands. I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.