Sugar-free non-alcoholic beverages in the Netherlands

Apr, 22, 2022

This blogpost is dedicated to the Sugar-free non-alcoholic beverages in the Netherlands.
Water is very important, but sometimes a great soft drinks is the best answer to our thirst.

This list is useful if you are following Dry January – with a sugar-free twist.
Read more about Keto Dry January.

Holland is full of sugar-free non-alcoholic drinks. For sure something is missing, but in this post you will have a big picture.

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Are Sugar-free beverages keto-friendly?

Sugar-free beverages are ok on a keto diet. Just read carefully the label and ensure that sugar is not on it. Have a look also to the carbhydrates per 100 ml. If they are over 1-1,5 per 100 ml, is not worth it.

Sugar-free Cola, Fanta, Sprite

You can find the original brands in every supermarket. Coca Cola and Fanta have also special flavours, such cherry, tropical, Vanilla.
I like to specify that Jumbo has its own brand with special cola flavors, such as strawberry, coconut and coffee.

Flavoured water

In the Netherlands, flavoured water, especially sparkling, is an very common. A few brans, Charlie’s organic or SPA.
You can find it in every supermarket, and also Hema has its own brand.

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I love these sugar-free drinks, because they are refreshing and fruity. They contain caffeine, so they are considered energy drinks. Available in Albert Heijin, Jumbo, and sometimes at Normal.

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Sugar-free thee

Search for the suga-free thee options in your supermarket. My favorite option is the Green thee Lipton.
Notice: many sugar-free thee are sparkling.

Sourcy Vitamin water

Sourcy is a famous brand of water and its Vitamin waters are very tasty. They are available in many tastes, but I am considering them more beverages than water, since the taste is very full. They contain also vitamins. I highly recommend them.

Aspire Drinks

You can find Aspire Drinks in Holland and Barrett and other stores online.
They are available in 3 flavours and I love them.

Candy Can

You can find this brand basically everywhere: Jumbo, Action, Normal. They are sugar-free drinks with strange flavors, such as Marshmellow, Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy.
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Wicky Fruit Drinks No Sugar

These drinks are available in a lot of flavours. Be careful because not all are sugar-free.
They are sold in practical bricks or in big bottles.
Available in Jumbo and Albert Heijn.

Royal Club Sugar-free drinks

They are great as a solo drink, or useful to mix and make your own keto cockails.

Be careful to not buy the ones with sugar. The Royal Club sugar-free options are:

  • Ginger Beer
  • Tonic
  • Bitter Lemon
  • Ginger Ale
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Mocktails, Gin Tonic and Ginger Mule (available at AH)

Kombucha Zero Sugar

If you are Kombucha fan you can find in AH and Jumbo sugar-free options. Available in original, Raspberry and Ginger & lemon.

Red bull and other sugar-free energy drink

The energy drinks are a lot in Holland. Many are sugar-free. Just be sure that they are sugar-free and around 0 carbohydrates per 100 ml.


Sugar-free syrus are very common in the Netherlands. A small amount of syrup is enough to flavour a bottle. The flavours are many, mostly fruity. Teisseire has also special flavours, such as Mojito and Pinacolada.

Some of the brands:


Other Sugar-free drinks

Other sugar-free drinks in the Netherlands:

Lohilo Elder Flower Lemon (with collagen and hyaluronic acid): available at Albert Heijn

Sugar-free Aloe vera drink (be careful not of them are sugar-free)

BubbelFrisss Zero available in every supermarket, several fruity flavours

Cassis beverages, available from brand Hero and Jumbo

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost over the Sugar-free non-alcoholic beverages in the Netherlands.
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My name is Simona, a keto enthusiast, based in the Netherlands. I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.