Best low-carb beers in the Netherlands

Aug, 27, 2021

Discover which ones are the best low-carb beers available in the Netherlands. Yes, beer contains a lot of carbs and sugars, therefore is not the best drink for a low-carb or ketogenic diet.

But let’s face it, some days, there’s nothing better than a cold beer. And when the moment you’ll come, I want you ready to make the best choice you can and enjoy a glass of cold beer, without going over your daily carbs limit.

If you follow a simple low-carb diet, having a beer is not a big deal: you just cut the portion of carbs here and there, and you can have a well deserve blonde in the evening.

If you are following keto, you will want to think twice. Ketosis is not really going along with beer.

Will low-carb beer kick me out of ketosis?

Unfortunately, beer, even a low-carb option, will kick you out of ketosis. Beer is made with grains and therefore is against ketosis.

Read this interesting experiment, and decide if a beer is worth the ban from Ketoland.

Remember that you can still have wine, and keep your ketosis.

Best low-carb beers available in the Netherlands

I divided this post into 2 sections: alcoholic and alcohol-free beer.

Best low-carb alcoholic beers

The values are for 100 ml.

Amstel 4% Blond

1,9 g carb

Guinness draught stout

2,3 g carb

De Klok

2,4 g carb

Grolsch Pilsener

2,5 g carb

Birra Moretti

2,8 g carb

Best low-carb beers in the Netherlands


2,9 g carb


2,9 g carb

Grolsch Weizen

3 g carb

Hertog Jan Pilsener

3 g carb

Amstel Pilsener

3,1 g carb

Brand Pilsener

3,1 g carb


3,2 g carb


3,2 g carb


3,2 g carb

Best low carb alcohol-free beers

If you love the taste of the beer, you won’t mind If it has alcohol or not.

Brewdog Nanny State

1,2 carb

The taste: taste like ale, not really beer. I didn’t like it so much but give it a try because it counts only 1,2 carbs for 100 ml.

Jever Fun One way


Radler Fris 0 Grapefruit


Beers to avoid on keto and low-carb diets

Leffe Blond 0


Jillz 0




Brand IPA 0


Grolsch 0




Heineken 0


My favorite choice

My choice, would be the Amstel Blond. Is the lowest in carbs, and I like light blonds so for me is perfect.
Luckily, even if I like beer, I am not crazy about it. Therefore, is only an occasional treat to me.

I hope you will find this post useful. I will keep updating this list with the best low-carb beers in the Netherlands.

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