Best keto-friendly Meat Restaurants in Amsterdam

Nov, 25, 2022

In this article, I will write about all the Best keto-friendly Meat Restaurants in Amsterdam. I like to try always new restaurants, so this list will be updated. Often.

If meat is what you want, all the options below won’t disappoint you. Read my brief notes and make your decision.

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Cannibale Royale

Cannibal Royale has many locations in Amsterdam. You will love this brasserie chain.
Sauces are served in separate jars. They have several types of steaks, and you can choose the size.
Also, you can choose separately a side dishes for your steak.

Best meat restaurants in Amsterdam


Loetje is very popular for its steaks are tender, juicy and so tasty. You will love the gravy!
Skip the bread and embrace the gravy. I love that gravy. Did I say it too many times gravy?

Best meat restaurants in Amsterdam
Best meat restaurants in Amsterdam

The Butcher

The Butcher has several locations in Amsterdam, and all of them have on their menu a bunless burger.
You can customize it of course, but it is really tasty as it is.

Angus beef patty, portobello mushroom, tomato, lettuce, grilled onion, gherkin & e Butcher sauce.
The bun is the mushroom. Is delicious.


Manoto is a Persian Restaurant situated in the Jordaan. The meat is fresh and very tasty. Leave out the rice, and enjoy the meat, the veggies, and the yogurt dips.

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Grillhouse Nader

Don’t skip Grillhouse Nader, a real hidden gem. Small grill house, not fancy at all, but you will find amazing food and friendly service (Boris – the best host in Amsterdam).

Here’s what I ate, and I loved it all:

  • Starter: meatballs in sauce (they are amazing – maybe the best meatballs I ever ate – similar to Italian meatballs).
  • Mean course: Ribeye with 2 fried eggs.
  • Grilled veggies are also nice, and the salad has a particular taste (I could taste cumin).

Best meat restaurants in Amsterdam


I love the meat at Rancho! And the good this is: the steaks won’t come with fries like happens basically everywhere. You will have to choose apart your side dish. Go for mixed salad or grilled veggies.

Another thing that I love: sauces are always served in a separate jar, so if you don’t want them, you can easily skip them.

Best meat restaurants in Amsterdam

Best meat restaurants in Amsterdam


Braai has 2 locations in Amsterdam. They use the barbecue and grilling techniques from all over the world. It is a nice place for a group of friends because the place is intimate and not super crowdy. A lot of steaks and Entrecôtes are available.

My favorite dish? The Pork belly.

I hope you liked this post on the best keto-friendly Meat Restaurants in Amsterdam. I like to try new restaurants and I will keep this blog post up to date.

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