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May, 27, 2022

At Action, you can find interesting keto products. In the same way as Hema and Holland & Barrett, Action has a few things that we need every day, in our low-carb life.

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You can find Action in many cities in the Netherlands. I really suggest you visit this store, because it’s really nice and the prices are the best!

Here are all the products in Action that I find interesting for my keto life.

Zero Carb Pasta Shirataki

For years now, Action sells the Shirataki, in rice, noodles, and spaghetti variants.


If you need seeds, just visit Action. It’s insane how you can find lot of seeds. And the price is amazing.


Action sells convenient bags of nuts and nut mix.

Sometimes you can find also small bags of shredded coconut.

John West Tuna Twist

These packagings are great for a portion of tuna, to be mixed in salads for example.


They have olive oil, flavored olive oil, and coconut oil.

Keto Products at Action Netherlands

Sugar-free drinks

If shopping for nice stuff in Action makes you thirsty, don’t worry because you can find sugar-free drinks. If you are obsessed with the Candy Can, here you can find them.

Keto Products at Action Netherlands

Sugar-free sauces

Found these 2 sugar-free sauces.

Sugar-free chewing gum

The BenBits are also plastic-free.

I will keep this post updated with more keto products at Action.

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