Keto and low carb bars in the Netherlands

Aug, 14, 2020

Low-carb bars are very easy to find in the Netherlands and in Europe in general, but not all of them are keto-approved.

In this post, I will walk through the most famous low-carb and keto bars. I will put in brief, which bars are the best for a keto diet and why.

Even if in the package you read that a bar is low-carb, highly proteic, no added sugar be careful: check the label and you will realize how many carbs even a small bar has.

Differences between low-carb and keto bars

All the keto bars are low-carb but not all the low-carb bars are keto. A low-carb diet is not as strict as a keto diet. Generally, a low-carb diet counts from 50 to 100 grams of carbs per day.
A keto diet keeps the daily carbs under 50 grams per day (or even under 20!).

Hence, a protein bar that counts 35 grams of carbs, can be suitable for a low-carb but not for a keto diet.
The net carbs in the keto bars are generally not more than 5 per portion.

How to choose a keto bar

If you know me, my keto is strict, but I can be flexible. I strive to keep my carbs under 20 grams per day and keep my nutrition as lean and clean as possible. But I won’t cry or feel guilty if someday I eat something less clean or I surpass my daily carbs.

With that being said, I like to try different products, but my keepers are always the best. For me, the best products for the keto diet have no Maltitol and contains as less carbs as possible.

Here are a few guidelines to choose the best keto bar for you:

  • Don’t trust the labels: even if KETO is on it, check the ingredients and the nutrition table.
  • Read carefully how many carbs per portion and for 100 grams. Depending on how many carbs you allow yourself per day, a bar can be good or not for you.
  • Read the ingredients: if Maltitol is on it, I would avoid it. Check this article about sweeteners for the keto diet.

Snack bars in the keto diet: pros and cons

When I started keto, at the beginning of 2020, I couldn’t find any worthy snack bar suitable for a keto diet.
Only recently, keto products are emerging and now it’s quite easy to buy them in the stores or online.

I don’t indulge much in the bars, but from time to time I need to have a bar. I love packaged products, because they can be stored for months in the pantry and they are easy to take with me, in the city, at work, or during a trip.

Pros of bars

  • Bars are a ready product. You don’t have to search for a recipe and destroy your kitchen in an attempt to come out with a treat.
  • Bars are very easy to find online, or in physical stores.
  • Bars are small and well-wrapped, so very easy to carry in the purse.
  • There are a lot of flavors.
  • The tastes are great and they help us to stay away from a cheat meal.
  • They make us feel full and satisfied.

Cons of bars

  • If you are struggling to keep your carbs low, a bar is not any help.
  • If you count the total carbs a bar is a no-go: too many carbs.
  • Bars contain artificial sweeteners and the ingredients are not always the cleanest.
  • Eating too often bars can slow the weight loss down.

As always, research for information, find your way to proceed in the lifestyle and check if this is sustainable for you in the long term.

Low carb bars in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, low-carb and protein bars are sold everywhere. Even in supermarkets.

If you follow a low-carb diet, you can go ahead pretty much with all of them.

The most famous and easier to find are:

Nick’s bars

These low-carb bars are fantastic. My favorite is the peanut, because it has nothing less than a Snicker (beside sugar). It has polidextrose on it, which is not considered keto-friendly, but it counts just 4 net carbs.

Grenade Carb Killa bars

You can find the Carb Killa bars very easily, in Ah to go or Amazon. The flavors are more than 12!

The Grenade bars count 60 grams. Almost all of them have 2,9 net carbs, depending on the flavor.

Fulfil bars

Another brand with a lot of choices and tastes. Fulfil produces vitamin and protein bars, in 9 flavors. The carbs are about 15 grams for a 55 grams bar.

Barebells bars

Barebells bars are very popular. They have few flavors, but good ones. Moreless, the carbs are about 16 grams per bar (55 grams).

PHD smart

Every PHD bar is 65 grams and for this amount, you have 2 or 3 net carbs, depending on the flavor. These bars are huge and tasty!

Keto bars in the Netherlands

My favorite place to find them is online. Body and Fit, in particular, has always convenient promotions.
Another great place is Holland and Barrett. I also have a separate post where I talk about all the keto options at H&B.

All the bars below are the lowest in carbs and contain no Maltitol.

Keto Slim Fast bars

The Keto Slim Fast bars are one of my favorites. They Remember me of the Snickers. The taste is not artificial at all. This bar has 3 net carbs for 46 grams. They are sold in Body and Fit.

Keto and low-carb bars in the Netherlands

Quest Bars

The bars from Quest are sold in several tastes. Each bar counts 60 grams. For the bar, 4 or 5 net carbs. They have at least 15 flavors.
You find many of them in Amazon.

Crunchy keto bars

These bars count 35 grams and have around 2,5 net carbs.
There are two flavors available at Holland and Barrett: Liquorice and Salty Caramel Nut.
All the sweeteners inside the bars are keto-approved.

Online you can find 2 more flavors. I bought mine from Lowcarbcenter: Raspberry Cheesecake and Cashew Nougat.

Good To Go Soft Baked bars

These bars are not ordinary bars, but small soft cakes. I consider their bars because they are packed as bars. They are Keto certified. Every bar is 40 grams.

They are sold at Holland and Barrett or online on websites, such as Afvallen met Bregje.

For now, 4 are the flavors available in Holland.

Cinnamon Pecan: 3,5 net carbs.
Raspberry Lemon: 3,6 net carbs.
Vanilla Almond: 3,5 net carbs.
Double Chocolate: 3,5 net carbs.

Please, don’t ever ask me which one is my favorite. It’s impossible to decide which one is the best.

Women’s best protein bars

Women’s Best Protein bars are easily available at Holland & Barrett and in Body and Fit website.
Each bar is 44 grams.

Coconut Crunch: 2,2 net carbs.
Chocolate Crunch: 2,9 net carbs.
Strawberry Crunch: 3 net carbs.
Hazelnut Crunch: 5 net carb

Pulsin Keto bar

Holland and Barrett have a lot of Pulsin Products. So far, the keto-approved bars (50 grams) are:

Mint Choc and Peanut bar: 4 net carbs.

Pulsin Choc Fudge & Peanut Keto Bar 4,1 net carbs

Available also on Amazon.

Planet Hemp Superfood Keto Bars

In Holland and Barrett and Amazon, you will find also these keto-certified bars.

All the 3 bars are high in fiber, high protein, no added sugar, and vegan.
All the bars are kind of chewy not crunchy. The taste of each flavor is very subtle – not too strong.

Overall I like them, although they are not my favorite so far. If I have to choose one, I would go with Sports recovery, which is cherry-flavored.

A bar weighs 40 grams.

Hunger Control Chocolate Protein Bar: 3,6 gr of net carbs

Sports Recovery protein bar with cherries: 5,4 gr of net carbs

Slimming salted caramel protein bar: 3,2 gr of net carbs

Keto Collective bars

Keto Collective is a recent, small English company. These keto and low-carb bars are available on their website or on Amazon, so you can get also them in the Netherlands. Read my full review here.

The ingredients are clean and the bars are amazing! The flavors are, so far, 4:

Salted caramel: 2,8 net carbs
Classic coconut: 3,9 net carbs
Choc sea salt: 2,8 net carbs
Cherry Bakewell: 3 net carb

Adonis Keto bars

Available in multiple flavors.

GO Keto bar

Online, I found bars from the brand GO Keto.

This walnut cocoa has 1,5 grams of carbs for a bar.

Keto and low carb bars in the Netherlands

Best places in the Netherlands to buy low-carb and keto bars

Physical stores

Holland and Barrett, read here all the keto products.

AH to Go: read my separate post on Ah To Go keto products.

Any supermarket

Online stores


As always, I will keep this post updated. From time to time visit this post to see if there are new entries in the world of Keto and low carb bars in the Netherlands.

This post may contain affiliate links. This means I will get a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. All the opinions are my own. Read the full disclosure here.


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