Patagonias Sugar-free ice cream in the Netherlands

Apr, 15, 2022
Patagonias Sugar-free ice cream

In the Dutch city of Amstelveen, I found Patagonias, an ice cream shop (ijs salon) with delicious sugar-free ice cream.
Yes, Ice cream is very popular in the Netherlands, and a lot of ice cream parlors are having indeed sugar-free options.

But when I read sugar-free in the panel, I had to stop and try this ice cream. Glad I did, because the quality was great.

If you are visiting the Stadshart in Amstelveen, don’t miss visiting Patagonias.

Patagonias Sugar-free ice cream

Sugar-free flavours

On the website, the sugar-free flavors are 3: chocolate, coconut, and banana.

The sugar-free options available at the time I visited were 2: pineapple and chocolate.

I loved them. Especially pineapple. And together these flavors rocks!

Is the sugar-free ice cream in Patagonia keto-friendly?

In the sugar-free ice cream, there is no added sugar, but I cannot find anywhere the ingredients. I think there is milk and some natural sugars from the pineapple and chocolate. For this reason, I cannot say the ice cream in Patagonia is keto. For sure is a good low-carb option.

If you are on keto, and not really strict, try it. It is really worth it!

Is the sugar-free ice cream in Patagonia low-carb?

In the ice cream, there is no added sugar, and for this reason, the carbs in this ice cream are less than the usual ice cream. If you are on a low-carb lifestyle, I suggest you give this ice cream a try!

Patagonias locations

Consult this page for the locations.

Patagonias contacts

This is the Patagonias Website

You can also order the sugar-free ice cream at home, with Thuisbezorgdt, Uber, and with Patagonias Whatssup.

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