My lockdown morning routine

Mar, 17, 2021

My lockdown routine is almost the same as my normal routine: still starting the day with an espresso, still eating keto, still cleaning my house before 9 in the morning. But is a more relaxed routine, because I know I don’t have to run for work. Damn, I will miss postponing the alarm! What I won’t miss from this period is the inactivity: besides my morning workout, I don’t move a lot during the day.

During the first lockdown, I lost a lot of weight: I hope my routine can inspire those who are struggling finding a balance.

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6:30 a.m. Alarm and espresso

Well, first change here: in a normal working week I have my alarm at 6:00, but hey, this is one of the (few) benefits of the lockdown. No need for breakfast because I do intermittent fasting. I drink my espresso, put on comfy clothes, take my water and Airpods and go upstairs to sweat. Or maybe no sweat, because Holland is cold AF.

Benefits: coffee has proven effects on metabolism and enhance the physical performance.

7:00 a.m. Workout

At the moment, I don’t have a written schedule for my workouts. I keep it simple: usually, Monday is always leg day, Tuesday is arms day, Wednesday is a HIIT workout and from Thursday I repeat the sequence. My goal for the year is to workout 5 days over 7, so usually, I rest on Sunday.

I exercise in the morning because after work I just want to sit on the couch and complain about my day with wine and cheese pop. And I am keeping this routine also during the lockdown.

I manage legs and arms day by myself because I have years of experience with weightlifting and personal trainers. But for the HIIT workouts, I like Youtube videos. Below, some nice youtube channels I have been discovered during this lockdown:

  • Jump Rope Dudes: they have amazing workouts, for every level. If you don’t have a rope, follow them without and be ready to burn a lot of calories!
  • Utah Lee: her youtube channel is quite new. I’ve found her searching for a kickboxing workout, and she is a badass.
  • Heather Robertson: she shoots great quality workouts.

Benefits: exercising in the morning improves the mood and boosts energy.

7:30 a.m. Shower and skincare

Quick shower and skincare. Thanks to keto my skin improved a lot and I support that keto-glow with a strict daily routine.

Benefits: self-care is important for overall wellness. Skincare, in particular, slows down ageing and prevents issues.

8:00 a.m. (fast) house cleaning

I do have a cat, therefore I need to vacuum the house every morning.
I prepare a second coffee (Americano this time) and, with my husband-to-be, we dust and vacuum the whole house. Seems a lot, but it’s very fast. Of course, a wireless vacuum machine is a life changer.

Benefits: removing dust and allergens. Plus, extra steps walked!

8:30 a.m. Coffee, supplements, and planning

When all is tidy, I sit at the table or couch and enjoy my coffee. I take my daily supplements with a bottle of water. In the meantime, I start to plan my day.
Prior to start with my tasks, I take a moment to think about the lunch: I check what I have and I start to log the products in the app, to make sure I am nailing my macros.

Benefits: replenishing water and electrolytes. Planning the day. Planning the next meal.

My tricks to be more active during the lockdown

  • Working out twice per day, when possible
  • Using Fitbit reminders to take 250 steps every hour
  • Fulfilling physical tasks throughout the day: laundry, throw out the garbage, clean the garden,…
  • Playing with cat/dog/children
  • Using a desk bike for most of the screentime

My keto lockdown rules

Being less active, I have been burning an average of 500 calories less per day. So, I am trying to keep my intake lower. Is not easy, because being at home makes me want to snack all the time. In particular, in the afternoon between 3 o’clock, I would eat a whole jar of peanut butter. Some days I am self-disciplined, some days not really. In the beginning, I found myself preparing way too many keto treats. Every day I had cookies, bread or some special sweets. All keto, of course, but is easy to abuse these products. Therefore, I’ve established some rules:

  • Keto treats only on the weekend
  • 3 liters of water per day
  • Keep the meals easy and focus on protein
  • Keep myself busy, to not think about snacking
  • Don’t buy keto-friendly bars, candies, and spread creams

I hope you will be inspired by my morning lockdown routine. Look into your life and see which special tricks you can add to be more active.
Find also some rules to add to your habits, to achieve some self-control.
How does your morning lockdown routine look like?

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