Eat keto at The Avocado Show

Apr, 08, 2022

I believe The Avocado Show is a must visit if you are on a keto, low-carb lifestyle, and also if you eat healthy. I am a huge fan of the Avocado Show. It’s so easy eating keto and low-carb in here, and without suffering.
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Eat Keto and Low-carb in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands.

The Avocado Show has few locations in The Netherlands, and you can find it also in UK, Belgium, France and Spain. And more will come. See all the locations here.

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Is The Avocado Show Keto-friendly?

The Avocado Show can be keto friendly! Obviously, it depends on what you order, but eating keto at The Avocado show is definitely possible. Some dishes have bread, mango or quinoa on it, so read carefully the menu prior to order, and ask for small modifications.

What Can I Eat at The Avocado Show that is Low Carb?

Eating low-carb at The Avocado Show is super-easy. Basically, every dish is very low in carbs.

The menu

As you can expect, every dish in The Avocado Show has avocado on it. All the dishes are healthy, delicious and guilt-free. Not all of them are keto, but they are for sure low-carb, and by skipping/replacing some ingredient – you can have a keto meal.

You can see the menu here

Please notice: from location to location the menu can slightly change.
There is a day menu and night menu, and few dishes may not be present.

Eat keto at The Avocado Show

The best keto options at the Avocado Show

Below, what I consider the best keto options at the Avocado show.

Options with eggs

The following dishes are served with bread, just skip it and you will have a delicious keto meal.

Benny Boy: two poached eggs, bacon, mixed greens, hollandaise sauce, served on two avocado halves.
French Florentine
: two poached eggs with sautéed spinach, mixed greens and hollandaise sauce, served on two avocado halves. This is a vegetarian option.
Smokey Salmon: Smoked salmon, with two poached eggs, mixed greens and hollandaise sauce, served on top of two avocado halves. 


I love the names! If you find any croutons or quinoa, feel free to leave it aside. You can also ask to not put the undesired ingredients.

Julio Caesar: Cajun chicken, avocado and crispy bacon atop a bed of little gem lettuce. Topped with parmesan, (croutons) and dressing.
Viva las Veggies
: Roasted veggies, served on a bed of greens with avocado, (black quinoa), crushed pistachio, pesto, feta and French dressing.


Bun burger: no bun here, the buns is 2 avocado halves! These buns are ALL avocado, topped with a premium beef patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and grill sauce to top it off.
It’s served with a side of tasty triple dip nachos, you can ask to replace the nachos with grilled veggies.

Keto drinks

Complete your meal with a sugar-free drink. If you are not on the mood for water or soft drinks, have a hot tea. My favorite is the Butterfly Blue Ginger Lemon.

Eat keto at The Avocado Show

What’s the Healthiest Thing to Eat at The Avocado Show?

I consider pretty much everything in the Avocado Show very healthy. Few of my favorite healthiest options at the Avocado Show:

Smokey Salmon
French Florentine
Julio Caesar

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