Is keto difficult in the Netherlands?

Apr, 17, 2020

In the beginning, I found it very difficult to follow the keto diet in the Netherlands. And not only because there is a Febo in every corner. Not only because fries, bitterballen, ham-Kaas croissants, cakes, bread, are so damn good here.

Here, in the Netherlands, low-carb products were so damn hard to find.

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I moved here from Italy, and usually, they say we have good food. Well, let me tell you, my first year in Holland I gained 10 kilos.

This is the country of carbs. That’s why I had to find a good diet to shred forever those kilos. And, in the beginning, was so hard to find low-carb options. I started this blog in early 2020, as a way to unload my frustration and keep myself motivated.

After one year it’s going better. I don’t know if something is changing in the Netherlands or the keto is more popular, but it’s easier to follow a ketogenic diet now.

In 2020, these were the reasons why I find difficult keto in the Netherlands:

1. The restaurants had poor low-carb options

Still, there is no a low-carb restaurant for keto-followers. But more and more, restaurants are focusing on healthy choices. Lately, I can order a meal at home and is totally keto-friendly. And I am more confident dining out with y friends in Amsterdam because I can find many options. Read more about ordering keto food at home in the Netherlands (with Thuisbezorgd/Deliveroo/Uber Eats) and eating keto and low-carb in Amsterdam.

2. The supermarkets didn’t have huge selection of low carb products

We don’t have famous products like Rebel ice-cream (very low-carb) or the chocolate Lily’s. The USA or other European countries have still much more choice than here. But now we do have more options here in Holland.

Eating Ketogenic in the Netherlands it’s easier now

Now, I feel easier eating sugar-free and stick to a ketogenic lifestyle in Holland. And I am positive that the future will bring more and more for us keto followers.

Keto restaurants in the Netherlands

It’s me or I feel that lately (if we are not in lockdown, of course) is it easier to find low-carb options at the restaurant? After all, Brasseries are so Dutch!

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Keto products in the supermarkes in the Netherlands

Yes, still no keto ice-cream at the store, but I feel something is moving.

We have more choices in the stores: more sugar-free products are filling the shelves. There is a new attention to low-carb. We still have progresses to do, but this is improving.
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Albert Heijn and AH To GO



New keto-friendly companies in the Netherlands

New companies are emerging every year, and even if many are not Dutch, they ship to the Netherlands.

Discover some of my keto favorites products in the Netherlands!

Keto Chocolate: Funky fat foods chocolate. (code SIMONA10 for 10% OFF)

Keto cereals: GrandmaCrunch they are based in UK but they ship to Holland! (SIMONA10 for 10% OFF)

Keto Bakeries at home: Keto Bites Amsterdam, Mishu-baking

Check this stores for cool keto snacks

Read which products are keto in the following stores:



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    Im a novice keto dieter…started 4 days ago…

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      Hello there! How is going?

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    Hello, I also follow a keto diet and I found, they deliver in Netherlands and they have a large range of keto products!

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      Hi Diane, thank you for your comment. I gave a fast look to this web store.Many products are low carb but NOT Keto. Always check the nutritional properties of the products.

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    Is Also difficult to found grass fed meat or cheese:(

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      Hi Cristina, for the grass fed meat there are some options (ordering online-of course) but yes normally is very difficult to find grass fed products here!

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