Tips before you start a keto diet

Apr, 14, 2020
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Before you start a keto diet read my tips. But first, read my easy guide on ketogenic diet. Is not too long I promise.
Here, I’ve collected the best tips to follow prior to start. These tips actually, can be followed no matter which diet you are about to follow. Let’s dive in.

how to start a keto diet

Speak with your doctor about the diet you want to follow

You may want to speak with your family doctor first, to see if you have some conditions that are not compatible with a keto lifestyle. Makes sure that your doctor knows enough about keto: there is still a lot of disinformation out there.

Write a grocery list with the things you will need for your first days

You need to plan what to eat, and if you read my guide you won’t have many doubts. Get inspiration from my grocery list and plan your first shopping. My list is always updated.

Clean your kitchen shelves from all the temptations

Chocolates, candies, ice cream, bread, tortillas, spaghetti and so on: you don’t need them.
If you think you are stronger than your cravings you can keep some items, such as pasta packages, and cookies for the times you will welcome guests. 

If you live in a family and the other members won’t follow the diet, you have to be strong. Surround yourself with good motivational tricks (before-after pics, keep in the closet one size smaller pair of jeans, think to the face of your friends next summer). 

 Always keep in mind your goal.

Download a macro tracker app

The best way to make sure you are eating ketogenic, is by tracking the macros. Read why and how i track my macros. I use Keto App but FatSecret is also a valid app. You can track the food, get the macro chart, the calories count for every meal and for the day.

Buy a lunch box

If you don’t have any lunch box, this is the moment. Sooner or later you will have to pack your meal for work or for any other occasion. Watch this reel for some inspiration!

Inform your friends about your diet

Don’t be ashamed to communicate to your friends your decision. This is important to make them conscious that you will refuse their next batch of muffins or a glass of beer. Telling them that you are on a special lifestyle, from now on, will push them to make more decisions to embrace your decision.

For example, when long time ago I tried the Dukan diet, my friends bought some extra eggs for the days I was visiting her house. Friends are an assets and they can boost our motivation.

Decide a way to burn extra calories with some exercise

Movement is important to burn some extra fat and accelerate weight loss. If you don’t want to join a gym or a sport club, Youtube is full of workout channels! Just digit the type of workout you desire and you will find a lot of gratis videos.

The idea of a workout is too much? Start, even with the goal to do only 15 minutes. 15 minutes is better than 0 minutes.

Consider to invest in a device that tracks the steps you walked, calories burned and km done. Tracking our physical activity is crucial. I use, for years now, a Fitbit.

Buy a food kitchen scale

Especially in the beginning track the food and the amount is important.
I never weight my food before keto and I was surprise to discover the real weight of the food! If you want to follow a diet to lose weight, the portions matter.

Buy some supplements

A low carb lifestyle brings our body to lose important minerals and vitamins.Read in my post which supplements make our journey easier.

Know the keto flu

The keto flu is a sequence of symptoms we can experience at the beginning of the keto journey. These symptoms are showing us that the body is fighting against the new low carb lifestyle, therefore is working.
Know your enemy to be prepared to fight it!

Take measurements

One of the best tips I can give you is, before you start a keto diet or any diet, take measurements of yourself. If you really commit, in 1-2 months you will see big differences. But believe me, the valley of disappointment is always behind the corner.

Some days you will feel bloated, feel ugly and fat. Don’t let the emotions talk. It is fundamental to have something to keep your motivation high and material proofs that you are doing big progresses.

Don’t check only the number on the scale. Take and write down your cm and check them every month. My favorite way to track the progress is the photos. Photos cannot lie.

Build your hydration routine

Being hydrated it’s fundamental for your health overall. It’s also supporting the weight-loss and the ageing! So try to drink at least 2-3 liters per day. If you think it’s difficult, it’s not! read my tricks to drink more water effortlessly and build your own routine.

Don’t be a keto Taliban

Be focused and keep the motivation high. If one day you go over your calorie or you cheat, tomorrow is another day.
We are not looking for perfection every day but we are taking small steps to perfect ourselves.

The keto diet, whether you do it for weight loss or for lifestyle, is not a run to win: it’s a marathon where the important thing is to be present and work to achieve the best version of ourselves.

Know some ready meals

knowing easy and fast meals are a huge help to prevent you from cheating. Start from this post and build your easy and fast menu.

I hope my tips will be useful not only before you start a keto diet but even after. Don’t lose motivation, listen your body and remember that consistency is the key.

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