Eat keto in Den Haag: best places to eat low-carb

Oct, 29, 2021

Den Haag is a beautiful city in the Netherlands, full of nice stores and restaurants, and yes, there are many options to eat keto and low-carb. You should visit Den-Haag, because of the beautiful stores and museums, such as Mauritshuis, and Escher Museum.

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Wether you want to enjoy a shopping day and have a slow lunch or you want a quick snack to run errands, I got you covered.

Here’s the best places to eat keto in Den Haag.


Eat keto in Den Haag

Kerkplein 12513 AZ Den Haag

Knossos is a greek restaurant in Den Haag, where is possible to eat some keto options:

Salads (available Feta, Caesar, and smoked salmon).

Eggs with cheese

Eggs with bacon and cheese

Chicken soup

Read the complete menu.


Eat keto in Den Haag

Buitenhof 45-51, 2513 AH Den Haag

Vapiano is one of my favorite restaurants ever. Even before I started to eat keto, I often had many lunches and dinners here.

Read my dedicated post with all the keto options at Vapiano.

Read the complete menu.


Eat keto in Den Haag

Eazie has more than one location in Den-Haag. In Eazie you can make your custom salads or poke balls. Make sure you select the salad mix instead of quinoa or rice.

Read the complete menu.


Herengracht 2-6, 2511 EH Den Haag

Palacestraat 8, 2586 HX Den Haag

Eat keto in Den Haag

Sumo is one of the biggest chains of sushi in the Netherlands. Skip the all you can eat and order some keto-friendly food. Some examples:



Grilled salmon/tuna/mackerel/seabass

Chili shrimp

Grilled veggies

Read the complete menu.


Eat keto in Den Haag

Korte Poten 63, 2511 EC Den Haag

Ritos is a small Dutch chain with the mission to serve dishes that are healthy, fresh, fast and with high quality ingredients.
Among other meals, they serve Pokébowls, and sushi. They also serve Vegan and Gluten-free meals.

In Ritos, you can combine your own poke-bowl. don’t be afraid to ask for salad options instead of the rice, or vegan options: they are very happy to help you and equipped for it.

Read the complete menu.

BIT Grill and cafe

Buitenhof 39, 2513 AH Den Haag

In BIT you can find meal salads or second dishes (remember to skip bread and fries).

Every day they have a different menu. Very interesting is the Sunday roast.

Read the complete menu.


Eat keto in Den Haag

 Buitenhof 46, 2513 AH Den Haag

Umami is a fusion restaurant. portions may be small but the experience is great.

At Umami they are open for modifications regarding any diet. What you can do here, is choosing the best low-carb opton and customize them. Most of the times, you should ask to remove the sauce, or add salads here and there.

Read the lunch menu

Read the dinner menu

The Poke bar

Grote Halstraat 20, 2513 AX Den Haag

The Poke bar serves poke bow, and you can make your own low-carb version, by choosing the right veggies and protein and the salad mix instead of the rice.

Read the complete menu.


Driehoekjes 15 2513 AZ Den Haag

Milú it’s a nice restaurant serving different and interesting options.

Some options:


Smoked salmon

Smashed avocado


Read the complete lunch menu and dinner menu.


Eat keto in Den Haag

Kerkplein 4A, 2513 AZ Den Haag

Sla is a famous chain in the Netherlands. Here, you can custom your own, nourishing salad. They have also vegetarian and vegan options.

Consult their menu online but keep in mind that each salad is customisable.

Supermarkets where you can find keto and low-carb snacks in Den Haag

In Den Haag, you will find of course all the Dutch supermarket.
Read my articles with all the best keto options at AH, Jumbo, Lidl, AH To Go.

I hope this post on eat keto in Den Haag will be somehow useful for you visiting this beautiful city. Of course, this are my best choices. Den Haag is huge, and I cannot know all the places. If you find some restaurant that serves keto options, leave me a comment below to keep this post as actual as possible.


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I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.

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