This is the review of the KETO Boostball Burners. This KETO Boostball Burners are very popular, easy to find online.
Since June 2022, you can find them also in Albert Heijn (3 flavors).
Read more keto products to find in Albert Heijn.

KETO Boostball Burners Review

What the KETO Boostball Burners are?

Boost Balls is company based in UK, selling from 2016 these ketogenic, all-natural balls.
Available in many flavors, these balls are keto-friendly, and real “burners” because packed with MCT oil. They are packed in a small bag of 40 grams, and they are very confortable to take everywhere.

The Ingredients of the KETO Boostball Burners

The ingredients are not too many, and they are all natural. I appreciate this.
The main ingredients, common to every flavour, are: organic cacao butter, desiccated coconut, peanut butter, peanut powder. The balls contain also MCT oil.

The Flavors of the KETO Boostball Burners

Peanut Butter Cup: this is my favorite flavor. Full, chewy peanut butter taste in my mouth. very easy to melt. A pack of Peanut Butter cup has 2,9 net carbs.

Raw Choc Brownie: The balls taste a bit of peanut butter, but has more a chocolate vibe. Not bad. 2,8 net carbs per bag.

White Chocolate, Raspberry and coconut: this is the flavor I liked less, but I heard some people is crazy about it. It is like a berry pie, very sweet. I am not really a fan of this flavor, but is not bad. 2,6 net carbs per pack.

Mint Choc chip: I like mint,but not too much. And these balls had too much mint. I did not enjoyed them. 2,8 net carbs per bag.

There are other flavors, like Cherry or hazelnut, but I have not tried them yet.

Boostball Burners: Final Conclusion

The bag is very small for the price (2,99 at Albert Heijn). As always keto is a pricey lifestyle.
We have to say that also a bar costs about 2,99 for about 40 grams, so the price is quite aligned with the market.
I do not mind spend 3 euro for a natural snack, very practical to take with me.

The only negative note is that during the warm days, the burners can easily melt.

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