This is the review of the KETO Boostball Burners.
They are sold online in many flavors, and the price is more competitive. For example this mix.

You can find 3 flavors at Albert Heijn.
Read more keto products to find in Albert Heijn.

KETO Boostball Burners Review

What the KETO Boostball Burners are?

Boost Balls is a company based in the UK, that sells these ketogenic, all-natural balls.
Available in many flavors, these balls are keto-friendly, and real “burners” because packed with MCT oil. They are packed in a small bag of 40 grams, and they are very comfortable to take everywhere.

The Ingredients of the KETO Boostball Burners

The ingredients are not too many, and they are all-natural. I appreciate this.
The main ingredients, common to every flavor, are: organic cacao butter, desiccated coconut, peanut butter, and peanut powder. The balls contain also MCT oil.

The Flavors of the KETO Boostball Burners

Peanut Butter Cup: this is my favorite flavor. Full, chewy peanut butter taste in my mouth. very easy to melt. A pack of Peanut Butter cup has 2,9 net carbs.

Raw Choc Brownie: The balls taste a bit of peanut butter, but has more a chocolate vibe. Not bad. 2,8 net carbs per bag.

White Chocolate, Raspberry and coconut: this is the flavor I liked less, but I heard some people are crazy about it. It is like a berry pie, very sweet. I am not really a fan of this flavor but is not bad. 2,6 net carbs per pack.

Mint Choc chip: I like mint,but not too much. And these balls had too much mint. I did not enjoyed them. 2,8 net carbs per bag.

There are other flavors, like Cherry or hazelnut, but I have not tried them yet.

Boostball Burners: Final Conclusion

The bag is very small for the price (2,99 at Albert Heijn). As always keto is a pricey lifestyle.
We have to say that also a bar costs about 2,99 for about 40 grams, so the price is quite aligned with the market.

Online the price is a little bit cheaper – almost 1 euro less on Amazon, depending on the bargain.
I do not mind spending 3 euros on a natural snack, very practical to take with me.

The only negative note is that during warm days, the burners can easily melt.

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