Subway is a chain known for customisable sandwiches and recently I noticed a new entry, keto and low-carb. So yes, we have now the option to eat keto at Subway!

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Notice: ingredients and beverages can differ based on your country and location. This blogpost is updated to December 2023.

Keto Meal Options at Subway

Subway focuses primarily on sandwiches and wraps. Recently they introduced the bowls, a great way to stay keto!

The name can differ from country to country, “No bready bowls”, “Make it a Salad”, or others, but the concept is the same.

Have a look here to see the Subway NL Menu with Keto Options

A replica of the iconic sandwiches but without the bread, presenting the delicious combination in a bowl over a bed of salad.

Each “Make it a Salad” is customisable with your preferred cheese, veggies, and sauce.
You can also leave the veggies out, and get only proteins for example.

The choice is huge! But let’s see a few of the keto options:

  • American Steakhouse Melt: grilled beef, cheese and sauce of your choice.
  • BLT: bacon, sla en tomaat.
  • Italian BMT: Salami, pepperoni, ham, tomato, onion, veggies.
  • Chicken Fajita: Mexican grilled chicken and fresh veggies.
  • Rotisserie Style Chicken: salad with rotisserie chicken.
  • Ham: ham and veggies.
  • Tuna: Tuna salad.
  • Steak & Cheese:  Grilled beef stripes, onion and herbs, melted cheese.
  • Spicy Italian: spicy pepperoni, salami, veggis. Jalapeño-pepers choice.
  • Subway Melt: turkey, ham and bacon with melted cheese.
  • Spicy Steak & Bacon Melt: spicy steak with bacon and pepperoni.
  • Turkey & Ham: Turkey and ham with red onion, tomatoes, cucumber en nog veel meer!
  • Veggie Delite: only veggies!

Keto Extras at Subway

At Subway you get to choose which extra you would like to add to your bowl.
The extra ingredients are: Cheese, sauces, veggies.

  • Cheese options: no cheese, cheddar, young cheese, pepper jack.
  • Vegetables options: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, mixed bell pepper, pickle, red onions, black olives, jalapeno peppers.
  • Sauce options: no sauce is the best option to avoid extra carbohydrates. Avoid the sweet sauces. If you want a sauce with your bowl, try the Light Mayo or Vegan Garlic Aioli.

Keto Drinks Options at Subway

  • Water
  • SISI No Sugar
  • Pepsi Maxx

I hope this blogpost with all the Low-carb and Keto Options at Subway will be useful to you.

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My name is Simona, a keto enthusiast, based in the Netherlands. I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.