Keto Products always in my home for weight loss

Jan, 13, 2023

In this post, I will talk about the keto products always in my home for weight loss. No matter what, I always have these products, especially after a period of no-strict keto (Christmas time anybody?).

I recently started meal prepping, and it has proven to be valuable in preventing me from choosing unhealthy food by the end of the day – and therefore support my weight loss goals.

All the following products are suitable for a keto diet, are clean, tasty, and sustain weight loss.

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Eggs are my favorite protein. I am not a fan of meat and fish in the Netherlands, but I am in love with eggs, in all the possible ways they can be cooked. For a fast snack, I like boiled eggs with good olive oil and salt. And my favorite fast lunch is fried eggs with cheese.

Bone broth

Bone broth is one of the best keto Products always in my home for weight loss.

Bone broth is an important source of collagen, sustains weight loss, and calms hunger.

Read in detail about bone broth in the Netherlands here.


In the winter, I am not consuming a big amount of veggies as I should. So I just buy the veggies, and eventually, I cook them – and eat them. Well, dinner prepping is also helping.


I love keto because sugar-free chocolate is allowed. After dinner, I love to satisfy my sweet tooth with some chocolate. My favorite 2 options in the Netherlands are:

Lindt 85% which is sugar-free and very tasty.

Funky Fat Foods, because available in 5 flavors, and they have MCT on them.

Edamame Pasta

Edamame pasta was the best keto discovery of 2022. It is so far my favorite keto pasta available in the Netherlands (and in the world I guess). A portion of 50 grams is quite big and fulfilling and has only 7,5 grams of carbs.

Read my review here.

Keto Products always in my home for weight loss


I recently started to include more protein in my diet, and it is quite challenging to reach my protein goal every day. Biltong, the South-African alternative to Jerky, is without sugar and is very proteic ( (52 grams protein per 100 grams – INSANE).

You can find Biltong online:
BEEFit Biltong
EMBER Biltong

Low-carb Cheese

I started high-protein keto because with normal keto I was snacking too much on fatty products, and those are the most caloric ones, hence no progress on my weight loss for so long.

I avoided cheese for weeks and weeks, then I stumbled upon Eatlean protein cheese, which has only 3 grams of fat for 100 grams! Read full review here.

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My name is Simona, a keto enthusiast, based in the Netherlands.

I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.

You find me on Instagram, Pinterest, and sometimes on Facebook.

I also write a lot of keto recipes on my Italian blog keto-with-simona.

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My name is Simona, a keto enthusiast, based in the Netherlands. I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.