Keto products at KIOSK.
For a long time, I thought that the only keto product at KIOSK was the water, but I was wrong.

Let me tell you all the most common keto products you will find a KIOSK. Just to be sure next time a train will be delayed.

Small disclaimer: every KIOSK may have different assortments. You can find different products depending on the city and location.

Cold Drinks

KIOSK has a strong game in sugar-free beverages: cola 0 and also the Sugar-free Green tea from Lipton.

In KIOSK you will find one of my favorite drinks: Sourcy Vitamin Water. Available in a few flavors. I love the Mango & Guava flavor.

Warm Drinks

Black coffee, warm tea are the best keto options. Avoid the cappuccino.


In KIOSK you will find convenient small packages of nuts. Mixed nuts, almond, and cashew nuts. Price: around 3 euro.


In the Netherlands, they are totally obsessed with Bifi salami, or am I dreaming? They even sell it in Praxis! (Should I write a post with all the keto products at Praxis -uahaha!).
Anyway, in KIOSK you will find Bifi salami, and I found the XXL. Lucky me.

Keto products at KIOSK


I could not believe my eyes. Yes, I saw Babybel cheese in KIOSK.

This is amazing.

Is Kiosk selling keto bars?

So far, Kiosk is not selling keto-friendly bars. The best bar I saw in Kiosk are the Barbells snack bars. They are not keto, but they are quite low-carb and low in sugar.

Read where you can find keto bars in the Netherlands here.

I hope this post was useful. I will keep my eyes open because I am positive that in a near future we will have more keto products in KIOSK, I know.

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