Keto products in the Polish stores

Jun, 30, 2022

In the Polish stores, there are a lot of tasty, high-quality keto products.

Years ago, I lived in Poland for a while, while I was doing my European Voluntary Service.
I had the opportunity to try Polish food, and oh my, Polish food is so good.

That’s why, I am so blessed to have a Polish store nearby my house, and from time to time I fill up my pantry with many of the following keto products.


Let’s start with the cheese. The Polish cheese is so good. All the Polish stores have also a fresh cheese and lunch-meat department, and you will find there many local specialties.

Here, I also found this 1-kilo sliced cheese, and I was very proud.

Keto products in the Polish stores


I am so obsessed with them. Parówki are delicious, tasty, tender, sausages. They remember me of the würstel we eat in Italy. When I go to any Polish store, buying them is a must.

Keto products in the Polish stores


Found different sweeteners, such as Xylitol and Erythritol.

Keto products in the Polish stores

Sugar free drinks

In the fridge or shelves you will find several sugar free drinks.
My favorites are the ones with vitamines and minerales.

Keto products in the Polish stores
Keto products in the Polish stores


Very hard to translate the flavors, but these aromas have no sugar, so they are safe for the keto.

Useful words while searching for Keto products in the Polish stores

The Polish language is a superpower. That’s why I am so happy when my lovely friend Patricia, gave me a schema that I am sharing with all of you. Hopefully, it will help when we are lost in translation.

Cukier: Sugar

Miód: Honey

Substancje słodzace/słodziki : sweetening substances/sweeteners

Mąka: Flour

Węglowodany: Carbs

I managed to translate the name of my blog into Polish: “nie ufaj węglowodanom”.

Keto products in the Polish stores

In conclusion: I love Polish food, and from time to time, I suggest you ditch Jumbo, Lidl, and Albert Heijn and I just fill up your basket with some Polish, keto goodies.

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