The Best Keto gift ideas for low-carb eaters

Nov, 27, 2020

In this post, you will find the best keto gift ideas for your friends and family.

Everybody has at least a friend on a keto or low-carb diet, and man, they are strange! They eat a lot of bacon and mayo and talk only about carbs.
I know that it’s not easy to surprise them with a gift, that’s why I will give you some ideas to make sure they will love your gift more than a piece of cheese… if this is even possible!

Read also my post on keto gift baskets, where I talk about the best low-carb products to give as a gift.

Let’s dive in.

Keto Goodies

Organize a basket with a few things, like baking products, bars, sugar-free beverages. I can ensure you is very appreciated.

Best thing to give:

Keto bars, read here where to find them.

Chocolate And when I mean chocolates I mean keto chocolates. As you know already my forever preferite are the Funky Fat Foods chocolates. Why? They have MCT oil, they are keto-friendly, they comes in 5 tastes and the packaging is perfect for presents. Oh and with the code TRUSTNOCARB you will get 15% discount.

Keto cereals, in Europe you will find GrandmaCrunch.

Baking products and special products: I recommend Steviala.

Sugar-free beverages

Keto gift ideas – Kitchen tools

Kitchen tools are very popular among keto eaters. A few ideas:

Lunchbox. I would be lost without my lunchboxes. There are many of there. They sell them everywhere.

Baking molds. I mean, I don’t know people without baking molds. I don’t wanna know people without baking molds. Colorful, baking, silicone molds. My silicon molds will be in my prenup for sure. My favorite is the donut shape (to make my special donuts or pizza donuts). Pralines shape to make my homemade chocolates pralines.

A new kitchen scale. Digital, of course. To track the macros like crazy!

A cool tool to cut vegetables or other products. My favorite is an egg cutter. Don’t think for a minute is a sillly tool. These egg cutters are very cheap. so they have to be replaced from time to time. If you are giving a cutter as a gift, is a nice gesture to give also a box with the specific food. (eggs, in the case of an egg cutter).
Piece of advice: don’t spend more than 15 bucks on it, because after months, is losing the sharpness anyway.

A set of towels and an apron. If you find one with bacon, or avocado is perfect.

A SodaStream! I had this as a gift from my friend, and I love it. If your friend likes sparkling water, this is the gift! And make them read my hydration routine.

Keto gift ideas – kitchen machines

A blender. A serious one.

Airfryer. This is the best thing a keto lover can have.

A new coffee machine. Here I can tell you a lot. I do have more coffee machines than hair. Well, not really, but Peppe does. Check my article about my favorites keto coffee ideas, and you will understand my enthusiasm for coffee and coffee things.

A slow cooker. Is the best, because I can set ahead the timer to start cooking while I am at work. You can do basically any meal with a slow-cooker. You put the things in the pot, you forget it and then the machine is calling you on the phone, informing you that the dinner is served.

If you want to spend more money an amazing gift is a kitchen mixer: Another thing I want but they say there is no space in the kitchen!

Keto gift ideas – Sport and fitness

Almost for sure, a keto follower will love a gift fitness related!

If the person does exercise at home think about tools such as resistance bands, jump rope, and abs roller. You can find many things in Decathlon or every other sport store.

Also, a good quality yoga mat, to use in the garden or indoor to not make much noise it’s a great and useful gift. Just do your research: out there is full of yoga mats, and some qualities are really bad. For me, a good gym/yoga mat is good quality if it’s smooth and especially if doesn’t slip on the floor.

If you want to spend more money think about a decent dumbbells/kettlebells set or more expensive equipment.
A Sport-watch it’s a great, great gift.

For people going to the gym: you can combine a gym set: bag, towel, and drink bottle.

Oh, and if you know your friend shoe’s number, why not a pair of gym shoes?

Personally, I love yoga pants. If you know the size of your friends, invest in some decent ones. My favorite brands are Gymshark and Oysho.

Can’t decide? – Gift card

Gift cards are amazing: you decide the amount, you save some time and the person will love it.
The belief that a gift card is trivial and impersonal is long time gone!

But…which gift card?

In the doubt pick a general store or web store, like Amazon. They sell everything there, so the person can choose what to buy.

Fashion lover? Go with Zalando or Asos, or just discover their favorite brand and go for it!

Do you have better ideas for a gift? Let me know in the comments.

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