Tricks to drink more water and build your hydration routine

Apr, 02, 2021

For years now, I’ve introduced easy tricks to drink more water in my everyday life. While experts suggest 2-3 liters of water per day, people cannot often reach half of these goals.

Many of my friends confess to me that they are not drinking enough water. They just go hard on soft drinks, juice, and coffee, and wine (Oh, hello extra sugars and calories).

A good friend of mine had cystitis several times per year. The reason? She drank barely 2-3 glasses of water per day (not even 1 liter!).

Being well hydrated is fundamental for our wellness, in particular:

  • Sustain the functioning of body and cells
  • Fundamental for the health of the skin
  • Prevent aging
  • Prevent hunger pangs
  • Prevent constipation
  • Support the weight-loss

Tricks, habits, routine to drink more water

On average, I drink 3 liters per day, easily. This is the result of a routine that I’ve built throughout the last 5 years. I can say I have a no-brainer routine that keeps me well hydrated. I don’t need to log my water or set reminders anymore. And you can do it as well.

If you don’t drink enough, you should start to implement some of the following tricks to create step by step a routine that works for you.

You can say that you are not that thirsty. But you can train the thirst. When years ago I started to commit to drinking more water, I had to force myself to reach the liters for the day. Now, I don’t push myself anymore. My body gets used to 2-3 liters per day and I don’t need to remember to hit the bottle: my body remembers me to drink.

Below, easy tricks that to drink more water and reach your daily water intake.

Easy tricks to drink more water

1.Have always a bottle with you

Have you noticed how many peanuts you eat when you have the bowl in front of you? It happens the same with water. Having a bottle always available will encourage you to drink often.

Everywhere, outside and inside your home. Going for a coffee, shopping, commuting for work, making a phone call, cleaning the garden, watching television. If you know that you will spend more than 15 minutes in one room, take water with you. Even better, leave by default a bottle in each room. And leave always a bottle in your car.

2.Use the bottle size that most encourages you

Sizes matters. Choose the size according to your daily appointments. Outside, a big bottle can be inconvenient. In this case, you could bring a small bottle with you. Find out which size fits better your lifestyle.

Every bottle you will finish will contribute to encouraging you to keep going. Find a good way to keep it easy, yet challenging.

Personally, my favorite size is the 0,75 L because it’s the right compromise between a liter and half-liter. Also, it’s easier to transport than 1 liter and is fitting almost all my bags.

3.Choose bootles with a large neck

Using a large neck it’s a super easy trick to drink more water with minimal effort. A glass of course is also great, but a bottle is more convenient.

4.Fill your bottle right after you finish it

Don’t postpone and fill your bottle immediately. Don’t even think. Get up from the chair, even before you will finish the last sip. Don’t lose precious time. Bonus: going to refilling your water will make you walk extra steps.

5.Exercise more

Exercising will make you want to drink more. Nothing new here. But is a valid point. Try to exercise at least 3-5 times per week. Each workout means an extra intake of half-liter (or more)per session. Bring always a big bottle with you during exercise. Don’t leave it in the locker, for goodness’s sake! Go big and set the rule that you won’t finish your workout before finishing the bottle. And remember that exercise is beneficial for your overall health.

For my workout I like to drink BCAA to support my muscles during the workout. My favorite sugar-free BCAA is from XTEND, and there are plenty of flavors to choose from.

6.Find new ways to enjoy water

Drinking more water doesn’t mean that you have to drink plain water. That’s boring! Find ways to drink more also by making water more appetible. Hereby some ideas (low-carb and totally keto-friendly)!

  • Add fresh-cut products, such as lemon, cucumber, mint, berries. In this way, the water will be not only flavored but also fancy and ready for Instagram.
  • Add flavored drops, for the water. Usually, the aromas are 0 carb and calories but always check the label.
  • If you like sparkling water, go for it. Sodastream is a great tool to make your own water at home.

7.Remind yourself to drink by using technology

You can use your smartwatches or an app to set reminders to drink. You can set, for example, 4 daily alerts to remember to drink a glass. In this way, just with these 4 reminders, you will consume 1 liter (250 ml per glass).

With phone apps, you can even log your water intake. Logging is an excellent way to sustain a habit.
Logging answers to the human need to complete something and challenging yourself.

There are also many smart water bottles that remind you to drink and log the information for you. I never used them honestly.

8.Set deadlines

Especially for the days, you are behind your goal, keep high your challenge by setting deadlines. If you have to drink still 2 liters and it’s already 4 in the afternoon, set a close deadline and bring your “A” game. So for example, you can set the goal to drink 1,5 liters before dinner, and half-liter right after. Keep it realistic. This will help you stay motivated and committed to nailing your goal.

Bonus: Extra tricks to drink more water

Tricks to drink more water

  • Drink half-liter with your supplements/vitamins/medications
  • Mix your cola/wine with water. Try it!
  • Have a bottle with you each time you walk your dog outside
  • Have a glass of water before each meal
  • Pour yourself a glass of water every time you walk into the kitchen/ visit the toilet
  • Alternate a cup of coffee/tea with a half-liter of water
  • Have a glass of water every time you are waiting for something (the papers from the print, the laundry to finish,…)

My routine: how I drink 3 liters -and more- per day

I am very proud of my routine because it allows me to drink a lot with no effort.
For years I have been neglecting my hydration. And I am not coming back.

6:00-9:00 a.m. the first 1,5 liters

Usually, I have my first 1,5 liters before 9:00 in the morning. In this way, half of the day is in the bag.

I doing this by drinking 0,750 L during my morning workout. If I can’t manage to finish it all, I drink it before the shower. If I don’t work out I make sure I will compensate while on the couch, cleaning, or later in the day.

After the shower, is time for another bottle of 0,750 L, together with my coffee and my supplements, it’s easy to drink it all. I also use this moment of calm, to take advantage to check my phone and cuddle my cat.

9:30-18:30 p.m. 1 liter while working

I noticed that the jobs with a lot of talking (meetings, talking with customers,..) are the best to drink more. I speak a lot at my workplace, so I feel often the need to replenish. During my working day, I am able to consume at least 1 liter. Depends on the day.

I could drink more water if I would drink less coffee. But I like to sip my black coffee while working, and as a result, I drink less water. That’s why it’s important don’t focus only on tea and coffee but insert also water.

18:30-22:00 p.m. half liter to go

I consume the remaining half liter at home, during dinner. After dinner I usually watch some Netflix, therefore I stick with another 0,5 L bottle with me on the couch.

On my bedtable, I always keep a 0,5 L bottle in case I am thirsty.

There are days in which I drink more: water after dinner, with a movie, drinking more at work, waking up earlier.
The days I drink less throughout the days and I am behind my goal: I try to make up, by drinking more often.

Plus I find very useful the strategy of setting deadlines, and when the challenge is accepted I have all the intention to win it.

This was my routine, and I hope it will inspire you to create your own. As you can see, drinking 3 liter of water per day is not difficult. You have just to be smart to split the liters throughout the day.

If you like routines, check also my -a lot of fun- morning routine (lockdown edition).

I wanted to write this post for a long time and finally, I did. I do hope it will be useful for you. Please let me know if I have covered everything, or if you need more tricks/ideas for your lifestyle.

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