Pulsin Keto Bars Sugar free ketogenic bars

Sep, 30, 2022

Review of the Pulsin Keto Bars. These bars are one of my favorite sugar-free, ketogenic bars. The ingredients are clean, the taste is enjoyable and they are easy to find, in Europe and in the Netherlands.
All the bars are plant-based and high in protein.

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Pulsin Keto Bars


Pulsin is a UK company, focused on vegetarian and plant-based food, such as bars, shakes, and proteins. They have a KETO line, with products suitable for the keto diet. They have bars and shakes.
Notice: not all Pulsin products are ketogenic.

Pulsin Keto Line

In the Pulsin Keto line, there is:

  1. Keto Bars
  2. Keto proteins
  3. Keto shakes
  4. Keto protein ready to drink

Pulsin Keto Bars

So far, Pulsin has released 3 keto bars. Every bar weighs 40 grams and is made with clean ingredients.

The bars are compact and chewy, very pleasant to bite. Big, but manageable, chunks of chocolate and peanuts are spread throughout the bar, making a positive biting experience.

The main ingredients in these bars are:

  • Peanuts (in all the bars always in the first place)
  • Chocolate chips (made with cocoa mass, xylitol, and cocoa butter)
  • Pea protein
  • MCT oil

Let’s take a look at the flavors:

Pulsin Fudge and Peanut

Pulsin Fudge and Peanut is my favorite bar. The perfect combination of chocolate and peanuts.

It has 4,1 gr net grams of carbs, 16 gr of carbs, and 12,6 gr of protein.

Pulsin Orange Choc and Peanut

Pulsin Orange Choc and Peanut is my second favorite. It tastes like peanuts, chocolate, and a delicate aftertaste of orange flavor. It has a very special taste.

It has 4 gr net grams of carbs, 16 gr of carbs, and 12,7 gr of protein.

Pulsin Mint Choc and Peanut

Pulsin Mint Choc and Peanut are my least favorite. I find the flavor of the mint too strong for me.

It has 4 gr net grams of carbs, 16 gr of carbs, and 12,7 gr of protein.

Where to find the Pulsin Keto Bars

If you live in the UK you can order straight from the UK website. In the Netherlands, Pulsin products are sold in Holland and Barrett. You can find the bars on Amazon.

Read here to discover more keto products at Holland and Barrett.

Pulsin Keto Bar: final conclusions

The Pulsin Keto Bars are for sure one of my favorite keto bars so far. I believe they are one of the best bars available in Europe. Great ingredients, great macros, great taste, and flavors.

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