Egg fast: my experience

Jan, 08, 2021

The Egg fast is a famous weapon to fight a plateau. In another post you can find a guide for the egg fast: today I will share my experience.

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Small note: living a keto lifestyle means also preferring high-quality products. Regarding eggs, the best is free-range eggs. For years I am buying this kind of egg and I am not coming back.

My experience with the egg fast

So far, I have tried the egg fast 3 times. First time in March 2020, during my 2 first months of keto. The second time was in November 2020, after almost one year of keto. The third time was in 2023, after a few days in Italy and before Easter, as a way to detox my mind from all the unhealthy food.
If like me you don’t like to cook, egg fast is a paradise because eggs are really easy to cook and you cannot do a mess in the kitchen.
And yay, you don’t have to think about what’s for dinner.
The answer is always: “Eggs!”.

Egg fast: my experience

I tried to follow the rules as strictly as possible. I ate more than 6 eggs per day: 2 for breakfast, 3 for lunch, and 3 for dinner. I added extra egg whites to scrambled and fried eggs.
For each egg, I added a spoon (15 gr) of healthy fat: mostly extra-virgin olive oil, MCT oil, or mayo.
I didn’t add any sauce: mayo and oil were enough for me.
I was drinking a lot of water—and 1 glass max per day soda.

Both times, I did 3 days of egg fast and I kept it simple:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and olive oil or boiled eggs with oil.
Lunch: Omelette and cheese and mayo or scrambled eggs with mayo
Snack: boiled eggs with MCT OIL and spices.
Dinner: Fried eggs with a slice of cheese.

The first time I lost 1300 grams.
The second time I lost 1700 grams.
The third time I lost 2200 grams.
I didn’t expect to lose so much the third time around. I am very happy.

Many people wonder if, after such a restrictive plan, could be a risk to gain back some weight. Personally, I didn’t gain weight after an egg fast.
This could be maybe because, after an egg fast, we are more conscious about our choices.

How I was feeling?

My experience with the egg fast is positive. The only thing, during the third and last day I started to be tired of eating only eggs. After 3 days I started to have crazy cravings. Therefore, I exclude I could ever be able to do more than 3 days egg fast.
Talking about my physical state, I felt great and energetic as always.
It’s really recommended to keep taking your supplements. More than ever during an egg fast, you can experience some fatigue or headache.

Do I recommend the egg fast?

The egg fast seems easy but it is not.
To the people that are healthy and without the conditions I listed before, I would say that the only way to know if this works for you is to try it.
Try 3 days and see how it’s going. I do recommend the egg fast for many reasons.

It’s a way to surprise and shock your body: It’s a good step to fight a plateau or to enter ketosis faster after a cheat meal.
(We all have been there).

The egg fast is also a way to go back to the basics of keto.
Eating only eggs and still doing great makes us understand that we don’t need the keto dessert after dinner or that spoonful of peanut butter.
After days of eating only eggs, you will realize how many choices we have on keto. We can eat a lot of food, even without all the carbs and sugar.
This is a great support to our motivation even more than before. The days following an egg fast are amazing because we can integrate again the products but we do it in moderation because the lack of them made us conscious about the food.

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    Nicola J Doull


    Based on the information you provided I also did the GREAT EGG RESET!
    Thank you!!

    I managed 5 days, with a total weight loss of 3500grams.

    I preboiled LOTS of eggs and divided up my cheese into daily 30g parcels. I used feta instead of normal cheese because I wanted the saltiness. I also saved up some bacon fat for frying/scrambling my eggs in. Delicious!!

    And sprinkled 5-10g of fresh chopped parsley over the eggs as my ‘greens’.

    Thanks for you advice, guidance and motivation!

    • Reply



      Hi Nicola, thank you for your feedback! 5 days, 3500 grams, WOW! That’s a huge result! You just motivated me to make soon an egg reset! Congratulations for your weight-loss! Keep up the good work!

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My name is Simona, a keto enthusiast, based in the Netherlands. I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.