How I’ve lost weight during the lockdown

Dec, 18, 2020
How I've lost weight during the lockdown

In this post I will explain how I’ve lost weight during the (first) lockdown.
I’ve lost so much that when I came back to work, everybody could see the difference.
If you want to know the details, ready my separate post about my morning routine during the lockdown.

The 15 of December, the Netherlands started a new lockdown and I am sure it’s useful to write my tricks.

During the first lockdown many have complained about gaining weight.
Of course, when the house turns into a bakery and Netflix is the whole day on, the result is a gain weight.
If you are working from home – or not working at all – due to the new government decision, keep reading.

Read my blog about how to restore the healthy habits after the lockdown, on the Funky Fat Foods blog.

Why it’s easier to lose weight during a lockdown:

No social life = no temptations.
Finally you won’t see people eating carbs in front of you.
Just you and healthy low carb food.

No commuting = more time to plan, cook and track your meals.
Having more time will keep you on the right track.

More time = more time to exercise.
You can use this time to exercise more than you do usually.

How I've lost weight during the lockdown

How I have lost weight during the lockdown: my tricks

I had motivation

The first lockdown was in May and my wedding should have been in July.
I wanted to lose as much as possible to look great in the photos.

Now, don’t propose to somebody just to have a motivation.
Find what motivates you and following healthier choices won’t be that hard.

I kept following my plan

A dream without a plan is just a wish.
Just because all the world was baking bread and pizza didn’t mean I had to stop my diet.

I kept doing what I did in the beginning, be consistent, don’t cheat (cheating is lava- or better-is Covid!) stock the fridge with only keto food, count the calories and the macros.

I started the Intermittent Fasting

While i was working every day with long shifts I had no courage to try it. But during the lockdown I was in a safe place: If I was hungry the fridge was at walking distance.
So, one of the first days, I started skipping breakfast.
And in couple of days I accomplished my goal to fast for 18 hours.
And Intermittent Fasting really boost the weight loss.

I exercised more

With an unexpected lot of time in my day, the best thing I could do – and I did- was increase the time of my workouts.
If usually I did 30 minutes per day, I increased this time to 45 minutes and -when I felt to – even to 1 hour and half.
Of course during a lockdown the gyms are closed but there are many, many ways to exercise.
If you have some equipment, you are settled.
If you don’t have equipment, just open Youtube and search for workouts.
Even with only your body weight you can shape your body.

I kept myself active

Doing some exercise and then staying on the couch for the rest of the day is not enough to burn many calories.
Use this time to do something you never had the time to.
I cleaned my garden, organised my storage and my wardrobe, deep cleaning in some rooms and a lot of de-cluttering.
It’s important also to stay active mentally: during the first lockdown I have opened this blog, did a lot of online courses and read many books.

We cannot control the external events but we can control our reaction and behaviour. Let’s make the most of this year.

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