2020: Final Thoughts

Dec, 31, 2020
2020 final thoughts

I would like to share my final thoughts on this 2020.

It was not an easy year.

Pandemic, crisis, social distance, lockdown, people baking their own bread.
A strange year, eek, even Harry and Meghan quit royal family.

I cannot say 2020 was a terrible year for me.

Me and my loved ones were good during the hardest months of COVID-19.

I have not lost my job while many have.

I kept finding ways to go forward while the world stopped for a while.

For me, 2020 was the year of a new beginning.

On the 5 of January, I have started officially the Keto lifestyle.
I found a new way to keep my weight under control.
A healthier, easier way.

The cheating

During the lockdown was easy following a strict low carb plan.
No social life, no temptations.

During the lockdown, I’ve also opened this blog to keep myself motivated and help others with this challenging path.

Opening the blog during the lockdown

But…in the half part of the year, I’ve let myself go: I’ve cheated.

My wedding was canceled due to Covid-19 – one month before the big day.

I worked hard to lose as much weight as I could for the last fitting of my wedding dress.

After that, I deliberately chose to enjoy myself a while.

I said yes to high carb foods, many times.

Is not a diet but a lifestyle

I like this quote: When tired: do a break, don’t stop.

Small breaks are useful to keep us motivated in the long run.

I consider keto a lifestyle, not a popular diet.

And most importantly: I am not doing this only to lose weight.

The benefits of this lifestyle go beyond weight loss.

There are a lot of physical benefits: energy, lightness, focus.

And mental benefits are even more: improved confidence and self-esteem, reduced stress, more mental strength against difficulties.

I found positivity in this negative year.
And I am sure this is thanks to keto.

From low-carb to high power to empowerment

When I started to live low-carb my life changed, almost drastically.

I’ve unsubscribed from the Burger King newsletter, I’ve stopped to buy Ben&Jerry and Ham and Cheese croissants, and switch my beloved Cappuccino for an Americano at the Starbucks.

It’s quite hard living without something I like, such as juices, chips and Oreo’s.

What it’s even harder for me is choosing low-carb options in a world full of carbs.

But, despite that, I am living anyway.
I am breathing, walking, working, and even exercising.

final thoughts 2020

I am living, even better.

Something amazing happened.





I am living without something that I love.

I am in charge.

And I am thinking how many other things I can accomplish.

From let carbs go to let other things go

What’s the natural consequence of living without something I love?

Be ready to let other things go.

And here lays the juice of my final thoughts for 2020.

Let go of the uselessness. If something doesn’t make you feel better, let it go.

Let go of bad situations, bad habits, and toxic people.
Focus on the positive things. Seek challenges. Pursue health habits.

If you can live without something most people cannot…You can do a lot.

We let carbs go. What’s next?

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