My Favorite Home Workouts

Apr, 14, 2023

In this blog post, I will talk about my favorite home workouts. Even if I have 2 gym memberships, from time to time I still like to have a sweaty workout at home.

I worked out at home for many years. I started working out at home when I was a young teenager, with a book by Jane Fonda, (if you are curious about the exercises, I found a video here).
In my late 20s, I tried Jillian Michaels’s workouts, and in the past years, I tried A LOT of home workouts.

I home-trained so much, that I decided to share with y’all my favorite workouts because there is good stuff out there – you don’t need a gym to have a badass workout.

Why I love working out at home

  • Can give amazing results.
  • Is cheaper.
  • Doesn’t involve going out.
  • You can go straight to shower, in your house.
  • You can exercise anytime, and a small space is required.
  • Nobody is watching you, besides family or pets.

My essentials from working out from home

Here are my essentials for a proper home workout:

  • Mat: don’t save money on the mat, you need a good one, that will stay in place. Gamechanger.
  • Dumbbell set: If you have money and space to invest, I suggest you a full set.
  • Elastic bands: for booty gains, trust the elastic band.
  • Fitbit: This is essential to my life, not only during my workouts. It keeps track of my exercise, steps, calories burned, and much more.
  • Jump rope: I have to use it often, I admit it, but the jump rope is one of my favorite tools to use in the summer.
  • BCAA to hydrate me during the workout – read the Best Sugar-free BCAA in The Netherlands
  • Post Workout Protein Shake – read the Best Sugar-free Whey in the Netherlands

My Favorite Home Workouts

I have divided the workouts into categories: no equipment needed and equipment needed. The workouts are also different types: HIIT, weight lifting, yoga, pilates, rope, or just walking.

My favorite Home Workouts – No equipment needed

The following video doesn’t require equipment. I always suggest having a mat with you, wearing shoes, and having water with you.

10 Min Core Workout – Carolyn Girvan

20 Min Core Strenght – Heather Robertson

10 Minutes Kickboxing with Andrea Taylor is short but sweaty!

15 min dance party Workout do you like to dance? You will love this fun workout. I usually burn around 150 calories in only 15 minutes.

30 Min Pilates Yoga Workout -Move with Nicole

20 min cardio workout kickboxing is perfect if you feel are in the mood of kicking and punching

20 min Kickboxing grit with Utah Lee

30 Minutes Cardio Kickboxing with Heather Robertson

30 Minutes Walking with Leslie Sansone is amazing for beginners. Just to hit your daily steps goal (indoor).

30 Min Pilates with Heather Robertson

45 Min Tabata HIIT – Nicole Yco

My Favorite Home Workouts – Equipment Needed

You need basic equipment for these videos: a mat, at least a set of dumbbells, a rope, and an elastic band.


15 Min Jump Rope Workout – a rope is needed, but I also did it without a rope

30 Min Weight Loss Rope Workout – High Intensity – a rope is needed

20 Min full body workout – no-repeat – Carolyn Girvan

35 Min OPUS – Jillian Michaels

25 Min Kickbox – Jillian Michaels

Upper body

20 Min Biceps Workout – Carolyn Girvan

15 Min Tricep Workout – Carolyn Girvan

15 Min Chest & Shoulder – Carolyn Girvan

15 Min Standing ABS + Core + Arms – Carolyne Girvan

Lower Body

15 Min Compound Leg Workout – Carolyn Girvan

20 Min Glute Workout – Carolyn Girvan

20 Min Quads Workout – Carolyn Girvan

30 Min Glute + Outer tight workout – Carolyn Girvan

40 Min Leg Workout – Carolyn Girvan

40 Min Leg Day – Eather Robertson

I hope this post will be useful. Have you tried any of these workouts? Let me know!

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My name is Simona, a keto enthusiast, based in the Netherlands. I live with my husband, my cat Newton, and a fridge full of cheese.