The 10 best vegetables for the Keto Diet

Apr, 23, 2020

In a ketogenic diet, most of the carbs come from veggies. Not all vegetables are low in carbs: I’ve selected the 10 best vegetables for the keto diet.

To keep the carb intake low stay away from veggies that grow beneath the gran such as carrots and potatoes and focus on green and leafy ones.

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The 10 best vegetables for the keto diet


the 10 best vegetables for the keto diet
Photo by Stephanie Moody 

Green lettuce has 1,6 of net carbs (fibre 1,3). Is rich of vitamin A, C, K.


Photo by Joseph Gonzalez 

Asparagus have 1,8 g net carbs (fibre 2,1).  Rich of Vitamin A, C, K.


Photo by Kelly Sikkema 

Celery has 1,37g net carbs  (fibre 1,6). Contains Vitamin K and antioxidants.


Photo by Michael Longmire

Cucumbers have 1,46 net carbs (dietary fibre 0,7 ). Has anti inflammatory effects.


the 10 best vegetables for the keto diet
Photo by Charles Deluvio 

Avocado has 2g net carbs (dietary fiber 7).  High in Vitamin C and Potassium, it’s one of the best food for keto because it’s also high in fats.
Moreover, it’s a great product to fight inflammation.


Courgette has 2,1 net carbs (fiber 1).  Rich in Vitamin C.


the 10 best vegetables for the keto diet
Photo by Christine Siracusa 

Mushrooms have 2,3g net (1 fibre). They have Anti-inflammatory properties. 


Eggplants have 3g net carbs (3 fibre). Source of antioxidants.


Spinaches have 2,5g net carb (dietary fibre 4,3). Contains Vitamin K and is good for heart health. You can consume them raw or cooked.


Cauliflower has 3g net carbs (dietary fiber 2). Contains Vitamin C and K.

In my fridge, I have always lettuce because I like to prepare fast salads.
Also, cucumber because it’s easy to chop and put as a side of any dish.


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