Keto Valentine’s day Ideas

Feb, 07, 2021

Love is in the air. If you are in love and on keto you are probably seeking some ideas for Valentine’s day. Keep your carbs low and your love high with these special ways to celebrate your partner. All the following ideas are very easy and fast to make.

Keto Pink Glazed Donuts

Keto Valentine's day Ideas v

To make this recipe you will have to follow my keto donuts recipe. It’s very easy and it only takes 40 minutes from preparing to decor. You will need also a donuts mold.

How to make the pink glaze?

Prepare a neutral glaze as explained in the recipe, then add few drops of pink food coloring.
I used the pink color from Wilton. If you like more the red color for Valentine’s day, take a red one. You can add further decorations, such as sugar-free candies, lemon zest, and so on.

Keto Valentine's day Ideas
Donuts with chocolate glazing and low-carb chocolates
Keto Valentine's day
Pink glazing and keto strawberry jam

Heart chocolate pralines with jam

You can read the procedure to make keto chocolate pralines in my separate post. To have heart-shaped pralines you are going to need a silicone heart mould.

Where to find low-carb keto jam? The easiest and fastest way is to run to Holland & Barrett and buy the one from the brand Good Good. Lizza has low-carb jams as well. My favorite jam to put inside the praline is strawberry but you can put what you like more.

How to fill the pralines with jam?

Prepare as usual the chocolate. Fill with the chocolate the molds for less than half of their height. Freeze for 20 minutes. Then, add a tiny bit of keto-friendly jam. Cover with more chocolate and freeze. Leave it again in the freezer for 20-30 minutes and your pralines are ready!

Strawberries and….

keto valentine's day

If you don’t want to bake or mess up your kitchen, you can make things easier with strawberries and a few more ingredients. Hereby some ideas.

Chocolate covered strawberries

In a bowl, microwave a bar of dark chocolate for few minutes. When melted, dip your washed strawberries. Let it cool down until the chocolate is set.

Strawberries and whipped cream

This is a classic, and super-easy way to eat strawberries. Wash and cut your strawberries and add whipped cream on top.

Chocolate ice-cream and strawberries

Do you want the easiest? Take a low-carb chocolate ice-cream (I like the one from Oppo) and add strawberries. Chocolate and strawberries are a winning couple! You can even add whipped cream on top.

I hope you will find these keto ideas for Valentine’s day useful!
Happy love day!

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