Keto Discovery: Mishu – Contemporary Baking

Jan, 29, 2021

Welcome to the first post of a series that I am calling: Keto Discovery. As a first Keto Discovery, I will talk about Mishu Contemporary Baking!

In Keto Discovery I will write about keto-friendly products or services, available in the Netherlands and/or Europe. I will report my honest experience and opinion, so that can be useful for all of you.

I had this idea for quite some time. Lately, I have been noticing more and more low-carb products. I am finding (both in the stores and online) a great choice of healthy and keto-friendly products. But there is more: new European keto-friendly brands are emerging, and many of them are Dutch!

In one of my first posts, I talked about the difficulty to follow a low-carb diet in the Netherlands. My blog born in early 2020 from the frustration to live in a country poor of low carb choices. And, after less than one year, I am opening a series about new discoveries. That’s funny. And wonderful. Because that means that more than ever companies are developing products suitable for those who want to exclude carbs, gluten, and sugar their life.

Stay tuned because you will see a lot of Keto Discoveries!

Mishu – Contemporary Baking

The Keto Discovery of this post is Mishu Contemporary Baking. I am very enthusiastic because the very first moment I saw the website I knew I would love it.

The founder is Micaela and a healthy, low-carb diet gave her a lot of benefits but the frustration to not enjoy a piece of bread or a brownie was too strong. She was able to transform this frustration into something more.

For a long time, she read, researched, experimented. Mishubaking was born. Healthy products that fit into a Keto and Diabetic’s diet.

The products

The product selection is quite huge! Here the list of all the products.

Bon-Bonnetje a chocolate-praline with hazelnuts

Choco-Choc a delicious chocolate brownie

Coco-Berry Gem a chocolate praline with coconut cream and raspberry

Mini Cranberry Cup tiny cupcakes with cranberries

Cracker Melange crackers in 3 variants

Mini Fill-Up Festive Cup crispy cups ready to be filled

Pancito a tender soft little bread

Sandwich a bread that can be cut in half and filled

Tomatino savory bread topped with sun dried tomatoes, olives & oregano

The Loaf ferm and rich bread, to cut in slices

So many products, the choice can be overwhelming! How to choose? By ordering a Test Pakketje. You will receive a sample of everything: for example 2 slices of The Loaf, 2 Choco-chocs, and so on. In this way, you can try out all the selection and decide which products are your favorites!

The ingredients

The products of Mishu are made of fresh and healthy ingredients: fibers, seeds, and alternative flours. Only good fats inside. No useless products.

All the products are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.

Notice: since the products are made with fresh ingredients, when a seasonal ingredient is not available it will be replaced. For example, I have ordered the Mini Cranberry Cups and I was informed that I would have received Raspberry cups! How great!

The macros

All the products are low-carb and have perfect macros to fit a keto diet. You find all the values on the website. Moreover, every product you order comes with a small card with the nutritional info.


Each product has a different way to be stored. Don’t worry: with each one you get a small card that includes the proper way to store it. You can keep almost all the products for 2 weeks in the fridge and up to 3 months in the freezer.

The packaging

The packaging is minimal yet elegant. I love these cute boxes. Very important: the packaging is not made of plastic. What seems plastic is not plastic! All the packaging is compostable made out of agricultural residues – not paper! How environment-friendly is that?
The products are well packed. Notice that some products, as the festive cups and the crackers, are really fragile but all came intact.

keto discovery Mishu baking keto, diabetic, vegan Netherlands Amsterdam

The shipping

Mishu Baking ships in all Netherlands and Belgium. For other European countries, you can contact the company to ask a custom shipping. As stated on the website, the shipping once per week on Wednesday. Therefore you could wait even 7 days before you got your order. But the wait is so worth it!

My favourite products

My 2 favorite things in life are food and talk about food. It’s hard but let me tell you which products are my favorites.

Bon-Bonnetje: this praline has the same taste as the Bacio Perugina (the Italian chocolate). I could taste the high quality of the hazelnuts combined with chocolate. A bon-bonnetje is perfect with the after-lunch espresso.

Tomatino: I had a lot of expectations towards Tomatino and I couldn’t have been more right. The taste is similar to Italian Focaccia Pugliese, thanks to the olives, oregano, and dried tomatoes.

Choco-choc: I didn’t expect that a brownie could have been among my favorites, but here we are. I am not crazy about brownies (keto or not) because I always find them too dry or too uncomfortable to eat. That’s why I couldn’t believe it. The flavor is well balanced, soft, and a bit chunky. My personal recommendation is to follow the advice on the paper and microwave it a bit.

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Final Conclusions

The products are superb. I can clearly see that behind every single product there is a lot of research and experimentation.

The amazing thing for me is that such flavor is achieved by using only legit and low-carb ingredients. I am eating sometimes bars, sometimes candies, and they are tasty but they are not made with healthy ingredients. Too many addictives, and most of the time also Maltitol.

I love the products, the packaging, the caring for the environment. Mishu Baking is a great Keto Discovery that will make my keto-journey easier.
If you are interested in buying healthy, low-carb, vegan, gluten-free products you will be surprised.

Thank you, Micaela, good luck with your mission, and keep up the good work!


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      Hoy Gustavo, thank you for your comment 🙂 Let me know if you like the products.

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