3 minutes Keto Breakfast Ideas

Jun, 12, 2020

In this post you will find the fastest options to have breakfast in the morning: they only take 3 minutes to prepare.

Eggs and bacon is the perfect keto breakfast, but it need more than 3 minutes from the frying pan to the plate. Plus, washing the pan before leaving for work is not ideal.

My 3 minutes keto breakfast ideas are wonderful for the mornings we are in hurry. As a bonus point, all the options are no cooking required. Because, who wants to cook in the morning?

Let’s start with my favorite keto breakfast options ready in 3 minutes.

Cheese, olives, mortadella, pecans

3 minutes keto breakfast

Melt 30 seconds the slice of cheese in the microwave, pick some nuts, some olives, and 3 slices of mortadella and you have your breakfast ready. You can custom every day this plate. Choose every day a different kind of lunch meat, cheese and nuts. With this plate, you will have only to wash 1 plate and 1 fork.

Eggs, olives, cheese bites

3 minutes keto breakfast

3 ingredients in this breakfast option. If you are following my keto organization tips, I am sure you have always in the fridge some boiled eggs. Cut the eggs in half and, if you wish, add some MCT oil for extra ketones.
You can add also Extra virgin olive oil or 0 carbs mayo for extra flavor. Seeds on top are optional.
Add some cheese blocks and olives and your keto breakfast is ready in even less than 3 minutes! Also with this plate, you will have only to wash 1 plate and 1 fork. And maybe, a spoon.

Bulletproof Coffee

keto bulletproof coffee, 3 minutes keto breakfast

The Bulletproof coffee is fast and perfect for people that don’t eat in the morning, but that want to have some extra energy to start the day.
The butter, together with the MCT oil, keep you full for hours and increase your energy.
If you don’t feel to drink it at home you can put it in a leakproof travel mug and enjoy it later in the day. With this

Olives, avocado, tofu, cherry tomatoes

This option is vegan! If you are vegan, you will have for sure already cooked tofu in the fridge. In a bowl, add the cherry tomatoes, avocado in slices, and olives and be ready for a fresh plate. Oh, and don’t forget to add a spoon of olive or MCT oil for extra fat. For a vegetarian option, you can replace the tofu with feta.

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